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Health is the greatest asset, and we need everyone to pay more attention and care. White-collar workers are experiencing varying degrees of psychological fatigue with various pressures from society, units and families. The Youth Insurance Program is launched by a professional health insurance company to protect the health of modern people. Product features: Healthy youth insurance, only 2 to 3 yuan a day, guaranteed for 30 years, monthly subsidies can be 3000, heavy illness accidents pay 100,000 1. Low insurance, 2 to 3 money a day, not only cultivate a good Financial habits, but also get a high amount of protection. 2. The guarantee period is up to 30 years, and you can enjoy the most intimate care during the period when the young people bear the most responsibility. 3. The high amount of hospitalization allowance guarantees that we will not be interrupted by accident or hospitalization, and it can be used for other purposes such as nutrition. 4. Whether it is a major illness or a death, a one-time payment of 100,000, to alleviate the family's worries. 5. The hospitalization subsidy guarantees the renewal of the first year. In the case of traditional medical insurance, once a claim is made, the renewal will be either a fee increase or an increase in exclusion or even a refusal. However, the healthy first year guarantees renewal, that is, the company promises to use the status of the insured when it is first insured as the basis for risk assessment. Once the company has unconditionally assumed the responsibility for renewal, it will not increase insurance premiums, exclusions or refusal. Insured example A health insurance for young people, Youth Insurance is also very suitable for 20-30 young people who have just stepped into the society, and groups that do not conflict with other insurance types. Including 100,000 yuan of critical illness insurance + 100,000 yuan of hospitalization subsidy, the annual premium is only 800-900. For example: Customer A25, purchased the Youth Insurance Plan in March 2008, paid the premium 801, and 180 days after the observation period, Mr. A organized a physical examination to find out that he had a benign tumor and stayed at Huashan Hospital for 60 days. Brain tumor resection, 20 days of which was the ICU intensive care unit. Mr. A can receive a claim for —— Major illness insurance premium: 100,000 2. Daily hospitalization allowance: 100*(60-3)=5700 3. ICU intensive care unit allowance: 200*20=4000 4. Surgical quota: 1600 5. Additional allowance for admission to a recommended hospital (5700+4000+1600)*5%=565 6. Accumulated compensation amount: 100000+5700+4000+1600+565=111865 (Full payment for social security inside and outside) Because the hospitalization subsidy does not use 100,000 yuan, it can be renewed unconditionally. Insurance focus, insurance must be early. This year, Ms. Rong has been a foreign company executive, and she bought several dividend insurances as early as ten years ago. Does she really need no protection? We all know that the investment insurance or health insurance is the sooner the insurance premium is lower. When people are not confused, they may feel the discomfort of the body faintly. At this time, it can be said that it is the final stage of insuring health insurance. Although premiums are more expensive than when they are young, they are still at least in scope. If it exceeds 50, the hidden illness of the body has already erupted, so it can not be given. Even if the insurance company allows insurance, it may also appear that the premium exceeds the insured amount. Therefore, it is very important for young people to insure health insurance. In general, insurance can be divided into three parts. If you have social security, then insuring commercial health insurance is a supplement, making medical security more comprehensive. For this part of the consumer, through the personal health insurance account and the social security co-ordination part, it is estimated that about 70% of the medical expenses are reimbursed by social security every year. If you do not participate in social security, you need commercial medical insurance to provide full medical coverage. Second, we must consider the premium budget. The general principle is that the annual medical insurance premium is 7%-12% of the year. If there is no social medical security, this ratio can be appropriately increased. Finally, you can determine the type of insurance based on your social security and budget.


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