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What special circumstances will not be compensated after the

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Industry is becoming more developed, cities are getting faster and faster, and our lives are becoming more and more insecure. Dangers always appear in the news all the time, not to mention that they are far away from themselves, because the time of the real crisis is too late, so it is very important to buy enough accident insurance, but in some cases, the insurance company will not compensate. What is the situation? Let's take a look together. First, the accident insurance exemption responsibility: (see insurance contract! Exemption from liability clause!) 16 kinds of accidents, accident insurance, no accident insurance means: suffering from external, sudden, unintentional, non-disease, causing physical harm Objective events. If the public security organ has determined that it is an abnormal death, it is in compliance with the accident (accident exclusion), and the insurance company shall pay the compensation unless the insurance company further proves that it is not an accident agreed in the insurance contract. General accident insurance provides death, burns and disability protection. The damage caused by an explosion accident (not yet identified due to the cause of the explosion in this case, and the gas explosion description for the time being) may not be all. Therefore, it is very important to find out the scope of the payment conditions. Due to one of the following circumstances, the insured person's death or disability, most of the insurance does not pay the insurance liability: 1. Intentional concealment and fraud of the insured or the insured; 2. Insured and beneficiary Insured's intentional killing or injury; Third, the insured commits crimes, attempts to commit crimes, and refuses to arrest; 4. The insured does not abide by the rules and regulations of the passenger transport department, climbs and jumps over the means of transportation; Drunk, suicide, intentional self-injury and taking, smoking, injecting drugs; 6. Insured person's accident caused by mental illness; 7. Insured driving after drinking, driving without valid driving license or driving motorized traffic without valid driving license Tools; VIII, the insured abortion, childbirth; IX, the insured due to cosmetic surgery or It causes medical accidents within and after surgery; 10. The insured does not follow the doctor's advice, privately takes, applies, or injects drugs; 11. The insured engages in diving, skydiving, rock climbing, adventure activities, martial arts competitions, wrestling competitions, High-risk sports such as stunt performances, horse racing, racing, etc. 12. The insured person has AIDS or HIV-positive period; 13. The insured engages in or participates in terrorist activities or cult organization activities; The insured person’s accidental injury caused by passenger trains, passenger ships and passenger motor vehicles outside the mainland (including, , and region); fifteen, war, military operations, riots or armed rebellion; 16. nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or Nuclear Pollution.


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