Don't forget to buy accident insurance for young children du

Incident 1:

Because of the New Year, many parents need to take their children to visit relatives and friends, or go on a trip. Traveling abroad is the most prone to tool risks. Although travel agencies are currently traveling with the group, travel agencies will insure travel agency liability insurance, but the protection projects are limited. Life insurance experts said that for safety reasons, parents may wish to take out short-term accident insurance for their children. The insurance period is short, usually from 1 day to 30 days. Second, the insurance is low, but it can provide accidental injuries and medical care and tools. Accidents and other accidental risk protection.

At the same time remind parents and friends, medium and long-term domestic travel, long journey, should set a more comprehensive coverage and a higher insurance coverage, if family members did not buy longer-term personal insurance, then the travel insurance product portfolio is a good s Choice. Through the combination of various products, these products cover a wide range of insurance liabilities including accidental injuries, acute illnesses, funeral expenses, accidental medical treatment, and acute medical treatment. If you have longer-term personal insurance, you can consider increasing the amount of coverage for accident insurance, and achieve comprehensive and high-level accident protection.

The situation of the accident 2:

Fireworks and firecrackers are the most common accidents. I used to see a tragic accident in the hospital. A little girl, about 11-12 years old, because the firecrackers did not put the firecrackers Go out. The firecrackers exploded in the hands, causing four fingers to blow up, leaving only one big finger. According to incomplete statistics, during the Spring Festival of 2005, 551 people were injured by fireworks and firecrackers, compared with 667 in the same period of 2004. Five people died due to fireworks and firecrackers. Therefore, the possibility of accidental injury to the child increases. In order to prevent such safety accidents, parents can insure children for accidental injury insurance. This kind of insurance is generally cheaper, and the price is between 50 and 200. Of course, different types of insurance cover different insurance liabilities. (Reprinted article please indicate the source: child insurance network)

The situation of the accident 3:

Because the body is weak, so in the winter, the baby is prone to colds and fevers and other common minor illnesses, resulting in a large number of expenses . Therefore, you can consider insuring your baby's critical illness insurance, and you may wish to attach inpatient medical insurance and hospitalization subsidy insurance.

If the child is a little older, the cost of treatment caused by the accident is also a very high cost. Therefore, it is very necessary to buy medical insurance for the child. Therefore, parents are advised to choose accidental medical insurance based on accidental injury insurance. In this way, the parents' economic pressure will be significantly reduced, and they can provide more comprehensive protection for children's bumps.

Therefore, when purchasing child insurance for children, medical care, health, and accidents should not be less. After purchasing these, you may wish to purchase an education savings insurance for your child. This is more comprehensive.