How to buy children's illness insurance products

Insurance is a consumer product. You may not be aware of it now, but you will understand it when you make a claim. First of all, please write down the detailed rules of your policy for me to analyze. Secondly, have you asked if those are exemptions? There are 50% of the claims including what kind of requirements and inspections, you have to make clear that the claims are not total 50% of the cost is only prescribed for several drugs and 50% of the prescribed tests.

First consider the risk protection of the family economic pillar, because as long as the economic pillar does not fall, everything else is relatively easy to do, it is recommended to first consider the big illness and accident protection of your two couples, choose the payment period of more than 30 years, so that you can fully Play the maximum guarantee of limited premiums. (Small knowledge about the payment period: the longer the health insurance payment period, the better, the process is heavy; the pension insurance payment period is shorter, the focus is on the dividend income)

Because the child's own immunity is relatively low, it is recommended to return the type regularly. Additional insurance, such as sickness insurance and additional hospitalization insurance, can also be supplemented with education funds. International practice: Family annual premium payment is controlled at 15-20% of the family year (not included in financial insurance). Such a ratio will not affect the daily life of the family. It has the ability to pay, hehe!

Insurance is a kind of protection. It is also a way of saving and saving. If you have nothing to save on weekdays, you have time to protect it. You have a good sense of insurance, but there are also some misunderstandings: Adults should have sufficient insurance, mainly for diseases and accidents, and make up for social insurance. The lack of children; the main focus of disease dividends, the accumulation of education funds, the family's insurance premiums are not limited to 10% - 15% of the annual limit, will not affect the family's daily living expenses. Listen to the salesman to talk about the insurance terms, analyze your own interests and gains, so that you will buy the insurance that is satisfactory.

Insurance awareness is very strong, but buying insurance is a science, the longer the health insurance payment is, the better (not more than 30 years, it is best to keep the lifetime premium unchanged, the insurance amount increases), the shorter the pension time Good (there is a financial ability to choose to pay once), accident insurance and children's major illnesses are best to choose the type of consumption (guarantee high premiums).