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What are the conditions for bank credit loans?

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A credit loan is a loan issued in the creditworthiness of the borrower, and the borrower does not need to provide a guarantee. The characteristic is that the debtor can obtain the loan only by virtue of his own credit without providing collateral or third-party guarantee, and the borrower's credit degree is used as the repayment guarantee. This kind of credit loan is the bank's long-term main lending method. What are the conditions for bank credit loans? Is it difficult to apply for bank credit? From the aspects of personal credit and corporate credit, it is summarized as follows: 1. Personal credit has a fixed residence in the territory, a permanent residence in the local city (or a valid certificate), and full civil capacity. Citizens who meet the following conditions can apply for a personal credit loan. 1. Have a legitimate occupation and stable source (monthly wages must be above 1000), and have the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on time; 2. The borrower's unit must be an administrative and enterprise recognized by the bank and having a good cooperative relationship with the bank. And the institution needs to be paid by the bank; 3. Obey the law, there is no illegal behavior and bad records; 4. Open a personal settlement account at the bank, and agree to debit the loan principal and interest from the designated personal settlement account; 5. Other conditions imposed by the bank. 2. Enterprise Credit 1. If the credit rating of the enterprise customer is at least above AA-(inclusive), the credit can be issued after the approval of the provincial branch of the state-owned commercial bank; 2. The total profit of the business accounting has continued to grow in the past three years, and the asset-liability ratio Controlled in the good value range of 60%, the cash flow is sufficient and stable; 3. It is the company's commitment not to set aside (quality) or provide external guarantees to others with its effective operating assets, or to handle the (quality) Obtain the consent of the loan bank before providing the guarantee to the outside world; 4. It is the business management norm, no bad credit records such as escape debts and interest payments. The above are only basic conditions. The specific difficulty of each bank's application must also refer to its own credit history, employment record and debt ratio. For more specific bank credit loan conditions, please go to each bank for details.


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