Increased immunity for your baby's immunity

At present, major diseases are younger and younger. Once children are unfortunately suffering from major diseases, high medical expenses will bring a heavy financial burden to families. The smaller the age of major illness insurance, the cheaper the premium. When the child is young, the pressure on the parents to pay the insurance is relatively small.

Due to the small age of the baby, the immune system is not fully developed, and the immunity is poor. When considering the insurance, it is recommended to buy additional inpatient medical insurance. In this way, the child is hospitalized and some medical expenses can be reimbursed. Fortunately, most of the recent new children's insurance has re-emphasized the "guarantee". In view of the problem of children's difficult medical treatment and expensive medical treatment, the medical security system, such as the healthy “Children's Growth Medical Security Plan”, is designed to provide general hospitalization expenses and large hospitalization for children and young children born between 60 and 17 weeks. The cost, the protection of the nursing insurance premium, or the flexible combination of various guarantees, allows the insured to freely choose, such as the life insurance “Journey of the Children” series, split the insurance responsibility of the traditional children's insurance, and constitute several relatively independent series. Insurance products, policyholders can flexibly combine and choose according to their insurance needs.

Some suggestions for insurance:

1. Medical insurance must focus on security. It is best not to bring dividends. Don't just listen to the salesman. What is the insurance without dividends is a big loss for longevity people, because medical insurance was originally Every 5-8 years, you need to protect yourself, because the future medical expenses can be said to be always bullish. You can think about the medical expenses of the past 10 years. All medical insurance must focus on the degree of security, that is, premiums and Guarantee ratio.

2, the scope of protection does not need to pay too much attention, the scope of protection is now audited, so the scope of protection is similar, if you take a look at the two contracts, you will find that the current 10, and 30 differences are not big of.

3, the longer the payment period, the better, medical insurance is a policy exemption clause, directly pay after the insurance, the insurance liability is still the same.