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How to deal with personal entrepreneurial loans how to save

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In recent years, there have been more and more friends who are self-employed. Borrowers hope to save more loan interest when handling personal entrepreneurial loans. Here is a brief introduction to what is the key to saving loan interest for personal entrepreneurial loans. 1. Optimizing loan methods At present, financial institutions operate loans such as credit, guarantee, mortgage and pledge. In the process of borrowing from financial institutions, we must pay attention to and understand the interest rate spread under different loan methods. At present, the loan with the lowest interest rate is a pledge loan and discounted bills. If conditions permit, these loans with lower interest rates should be locked. 2. Selecting a loan bank The borrower should “ ” for different loan interest rates. For example, in the issuance of pledge loans, some banks will increase by 30% above the national benchmark interest rate, while others will only implement the benchmark interest rate. The borrower should abandon the former of the “fee-off” and the latter. 3. Screening the loan term The current short-term loan interest rate is divided into two grades of half year and one year, and the half-year grade interest rate of the loan term within half a year is specified, and the one-year grade interest rate of less than one year is less than one year. Because the borrower's predicted time of money demand and the term of the loan contract that has been signed have always been inconsistent with the time when the specified loan interest rate is located, in practice, various term loan interest rate differences are naturally formed. When the loan term is selected between the two loan term rate grades, especially when the signing period exceeds the next level of interest rate, the shorter the time and the longer the time from the previous interest rate, the borrowing The greater the loan interest expense incurred by the person. 4, cautiously signed loan agreement Because some companies lack the awareness of financing and financial management, the loan agreement is arbitrary, so it has always caused "fee" in the loan process. There are two common types: 1 withholding interest loans. That is to say, in order to ensure that the loan interest is fully in place, some financial institutions have always withheld all interest from the loan principal that should be paid when the loan is issued. Because this method reduces the amount of borrowing money available to the enterprise, the actual borrowing rate assumed by the enterprise exceeds the agreed interest rate of the agreement, which objectively increases the financing cost of the borrowing enterprise. 2 Retained deposit balance loan. That is, when the enterprise obtains the loan from the bank, the bank asks it to deposit a part of the loan principal into the account of the bank to restrict the loan principal and interest to be repaid on schedule. However, as far as the enterprise is concerned, because the loan principal is not discounted when the interest on the loan is not reduced, the borrowing rate actually assumed by the enterprise is significantly higher than the loan interest rate signed by the contract. 5. Abolition of borrowing stocks In recent years, corporate borrowing interest rates have become higher and higher, and some have reached an annual interest rate of 20% or higher. Therefore, regardless of the regulation of corporate restructuring, or to reduce the cost of corporate finance, it should abolish any form of borrowing and stock participation as soon as possible. 6. Strictly repaying the loan From the perspective of reducing the loan interest expense, the borrower must ensure the seriousness of the contract and repay the principal and interest of the loan as scheduled. It is necessary for the borrower to designate personnel to manage the loan account, specifically record the entry, exit and deposit of various types of loans of the enterprise, and be fully responsible for the application, use and repayment of the loan, and try to avoid the phenomenon of overdue interest rate increase due to the neglect of the enterprise. occur.


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