Left-handed purchase of wealth management products, right-ha

If you have a sum of money in your hands, how do you manage it? Is it a purchased wealth management product or an insurance savings insurance? What is the difference between the two?

Wealth Management Products

Business Personal wealth management business is divided into financial advisory services and integrated wealth management services according to different management methods. What we generally call "financial products" actually refers to the integrated financial services.

With the sustained and rapid economic growth, the rapid growth of residents, the growing willingness to manage wealth and investment, the financial market has shown a booming trend. However, compared with other mature countries, the financial market started late, the relevant laws and regulations lag behind, and the investor's self-protection awareness is relatively weak.

According to the standard explanation, wealth management products should be commercial investment and management plans designed and sold for specific target customer groups based on the analysis of potential target customer groups. In the investment method of wealth management products, only the authorized management funds of the customers are accepted, and the investment income and risks are borne by the customers or customers and according to the agreed method.

Future Trends in Wealth Management Products

First, the gradual expansion of interbank financial products has mapped the “silver and silver” model between the original foreign institutions and Chinese-funded businesses to the interbank financial management model between large and medium-sized businesses.

Second, the gradual attempt of the portfolio insurance strategy, whether the product is not involved in the investment of high-risk assets, but in the rational allocation of the portfolio.

Third, the gradual increase of dynamic management products, flexible investment direction and portfolio, and high liquidity are the main advantages of this type of products. However, the issue of information transparency for such products deserves attention.

Fourth, POP (ProductofProduct) gradually prospered, through the investment portfolio between different types of wealth management products to meet the investment needs of different risk-tolerant investors.

Fifth, the gradual rise of alternative investments, art and beverages (both wine and tea) have gradually entered the investment vision of wealth management products, and the future investment in low-carbon concepts, real estate and natural resources will become the next hot spot.

Savings insurance savings insurance is a kind of insurance company designed to combine the insurance function and the savings function. For example, the current two-life insurance, pension, education gold insurance, in addition to the basic security functions, there are savings functions. If there is no accident during the insurance period, the insurance company will return a sum of money to the insurance beneficiary at the appointed time, just like the zero deposit premium, and the whole will be taken after the expiration, similar to the zero deposit. However, according to the financial planner, the yield of this part returned after the expiration is significantly lower than the one-year fixed deposit tax rate. In the way of trying to figure out the situation and cooperating with consumers, insurance companies have launched new types of savings and dividend-paying products. In addition to the traditional safeguards, the savings dividends are characterized by their premiums, regular returns and the sharing of bonuses, and quickly become the new favorite of the insurance market with a convenient sales network. People can purchase the insurance products of each insurance company at the sales counter while doing business. Through the distribution of dividends, the company guarantees the security of funds and has rich profits. It is designed to achieve savings goals and has powerful savings and value preservation functions. It also gets bonuses from insurance companies and is a safe and reliable financial tool. Compared with traditional insurance life insurance, the relatively complicated clause design and detailed underwriting procedures, when purchasing the savings dividend insurance, you only need to bring your ID card and cash to the major savings outlet counters, fill in the application form and pay the insurance premium as needed. . The insurance company will issue a formal policy within 10 to 30 days. The insured can choose to pick up the ticket immediately, or send it by mail, courier to home or unit. In order to compete for customers, insurance companies are also trying their best to provide pre-sales and after-sales services with convenience and convenience. In addition to the relevant counters at the outlets, the insured can also call the insurance service hotline of each insurance company, or visit the insurance company website to check the insurance description and enjoy online and insurance services. Some insurance companies have also reached agreements with insurance premiums and collection and payment of insurance payments. After completing the corresponding transfer authorization, the insured will automatically withhold the premiums payable from the designated account, or transfer the corresponding insurance into the designated account on a regular basis.