Which kind of insurance is good for your children?

Which is better for buying insurance for your children? Many parents will think about buying an insurance “defense” for their children, but how to buy and buy it makes many parents have headaches. Today, Xiaobian will summarize for you, insurance for each child of your age. Different ages Early childhood (0-6): Because of the high probability of neonatal death, preschool children have poor resistance and are prone to some epidemic diseases, while the general medical claims for death-related conditions are not high. Therefore, it is recommended to buy more inpatient medical compensation type insurance. Primary school period (7~12): Due to the high risk of accidental injury, the investment of accident insurance should be appropriately increased, and the savings of future education funds should be considered when conditions permit. Of course, if the family is in good condition, the savings of future education funds should be considered shortly after the child is born, so that the annual premium burden can be reduced. Juvenile period (12~18): If you don't buy education insurance products at this time, you don't have to be limited to children's insurance, because some adult-oriented insurance can buy more than 14 kinds. Among these types of insurance, it is advisable to choose to return the dividend products with a short interval, so that it can replace the education payment to a certain extent. Of course, you can also consider the universal life insurance with very flexible payment and withdrawal. This kind of insurance is not only guaranteed, but also highly investment. Adults and children can benefit.

Purchase budget: expenditure for purchasing insurance = total household X10% ~ 20% According to relevant experts, premiums in developed countries generally account for about 30% of the total annual. According to the national conditions, premiums can account for 10% to 20% of the total amount, and the amount of insurance is 5 to 10 times of the year. Buying insurance products in childhood is generally cheaper than buying them in adulthood, and it is also a more economical practice. Children can get insurance protection from a very young age. Purchase order a. Xue Ping Insurance (school students are purchased by the school); b. Accidental injury insurance; c. Medical insurance Major illness insurance Education insurance payment;

d. Investment wealth insurance (good family economy can be considered).

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe that the parents and friends have already made it clear that it is better to buy insurance for their children. Only choose on demand to choose a product that is more suitable for your child.