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How to apply for a personal mortgage through a bank

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With the rapid development of the economy, more and more people will encounter different levels of funding problems. Among the major loan businesses launched by financial institutions, mortgages are a favorite product of many customers. Then, how to apply for a mortgage through a bank? A mortgage is a loan whereby the borrower mortgages or pledges the purchased home and other ownership of the property, or the third person guarantees the loan and assumes joint liability. At present, the types of real estate that banks accept mortgages are commodity houses, apartments, purchased public housing that has been paid for land transfer fees, affordable housing for five years, and central delivery rooms that can be traded. Applicants who apply for a mortgage for a personal property need to fill out a housing mortgage application and submit identification, certification, work certificate, marriage certificate, purchase contract, real estate valuation report, appraisal book and other relevant materials to the bank. It should be noted here that the completeness and perfection of the proof materials will directly affect the speed at which the bank can review the mortgage loan. Therefore, it is best to be prepared. After the bank has reviewed all the information provided by the applicant, the borrower shall hand over the property certificate of the mortgaged property to the bank for custody, and at the same time, the two parties sign the loan contract and conduct notarization. You can then enter the lending phase. Once the borrower receives the loan, it must fulfill the responsibility and obligation of repaying the principal and interest on time. No matter which stage you are in, one day in the future, you may need to use loans to help you solve some problems. Therefore, it is not superfluous to know the loan knowledge in advance and pay more attention to it in daily life.


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