Why is internet finance getting more and more hot?

In the period when everyone still deposited their money in the bank, they presented a lot of astute investors. They felt that putting money in their hands depreciated quickly and then put the money in the bank, so that every month is more or less The income of the whole people has gradually awakened, and everyone's investment and financial management methods have also changed accordingly. From the stock market to the Internet finance, the Internet financial management has become a trend.

In the past, many financial management methods have been presented. Funds, stocks, foreign exchange, and real estate have occupied the investment horizon of the majority from time to time. It seems that when it comes to investment, everyone can only think of these methods, but the Internet finance is presented, and it is immediately cold and arrogant.

Xiao Bian believes that from the perspective of investment targets, stocks, funds, foreign exchange, real estate and bank wealth management products have served as the protagonists in the financial market from time to time, which is the investment product most selected by investors, but in the last one or two years, along with the economy The slowdown in growth, household billing and the central bank's five consecutive interest rate cuts in 2015, the traditional "golden period" of wealth management investment is difficult to reproduce, and the income has shown a sharp decline. It is against this background that with the “invasion” of Internet finance from time to time, Internet financial products have quickly become the most fashionable wealth management products in the moment, and are rapidly rising in the financial market under the enthusiasm of investors.

Why can Internet finance dominate the dominance and dominate the martial arts? In Xiaobian’s view, the dare to play the stocks are real warriors, the calmness of the daily limit, and the one facing the plunging, according to the authority. According to the agency's survey report, in 2015, about 36.3% of investors chose stocks as their main investment wealth management, and 18.4% of investors used bank wealth management as the mainstream wealth management, with 15.2% of investors. Choose Internet finance to manage wealth as a wealth. For example, Internet finance represented by P2P is a case of small-scale financial management. Relevant data shows that in 2015, the number of P2P industry investors reached 5.86 million, an increase of 405% compared with 2014. In 2015, the turnover of P2P industry exceeded the trillion range, reaching 1,180.565 billion, an increase of 258.62% compared with 2014.

Many investors who only care about income only value high income, so many people have chosen the stock investment method of stocks, which is relatively traditional. People who choose traditional financial management are not in the minority. Traditional banks Although wealth is the smallest, the benefits are almost the lowest, and the average will not exceed 6%. And the risk is between the stock and the bank's wealth management products, the income of the Internet can usually reach 7% to 15%, and the income of Bank of Communications products is much higher than the bank's wealth. The separation of the Internet and finance has greatly improved the efficiency of resource allocation. This meticulously and often de-intermediate, making Internet finance have comparable convenience. It is easy to manage money with the help of fingers, and it can easily meet the 'finance' of ordinary people. demand.