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What is the processing procedure for financial leasing? In the daily business process, when there is a turnover demand from the operating party, in addition to applying for loans from a certain financial institution, leasing financing is also a solution to the problem of capital shortage. Then, how is the financial leasing handled? What is the process? Financial leasing refers to the seller’s request to the seller’s prior contract, the seller’s designated seller’s fixed assets, and the lessor’s designated fixed assets. On the premise of possessing the ownership of the fixed assets, the tenant shall pay all the rents to transfer the possession, use and income rights of the fixed assets to the lessee for a period of time. Generally speaking, a complete financial leasing process mainly includes the following structural elements: 1. The seller or the ultimate tenant proposes the leasing demand. 2. The seller provides the lessor with the rental application and the information of the ultimate tenant and the information required for the audit. 3. After the lessor receives the information of the lessee, it will be examined and approved. After the approval process, the seller will be notified of the result of the approval. 4. If the lease requirement is approved, the lessor signs a lease contract with the lessee. 5. The lessor confirms the contract is correct. 6. After two working days, the lessor and the seller sign a purchase and sale contract. 7. The seller arranges the personnel to install, debug and accept the renter at the place where the lease is listed in the lease contract. 8. The lessor and the lessee contact to confirm that the equipment is used normally, and determine the payment time of the lessee's first payment. The relevant information is complete (including the lessee information, the lease contract, the purchase and sale contract, the acceptance confirmation and the seller's acceptance copy). ()) The lessor issues a copy of the lease contract signed by both parties to the lessee within two working days. 9. After receiving the first-term rent of the lessee and the invoice of the seller, the lessor shall pay the equipment to the seller according to the time specified in the contract. 10. The lessee has the obligation to keep and maintain during the lease of the equipment; the lessor shall not be liable for any personal injury or property damage caused by the leased property during the lease of the leased property.


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