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Shortage of funds should not find a loan from a small loan c

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With the gradual expansion of the loan population, small loan companies have also emerged in large numbers, and compared with banks, the advantages of small loan companies are more attractive, but some borrowers are entangled: should the funds be short of money to find a small loan company? What makes the borrowers rush to the loans of small loan companies, and what makes them stagnate? According to the author, there are three reasons why small loan companies are sought after by the public: 1. The threshold is relatively low relative to the “Tiaojiao” bank. Said that small loan companies can be described as "a amiable". In the case of unsecured loans, the borrower needs to be above 4000 in the bank, but the small loan company will relax the threshold to 1500. Moreover, in the bank flow, the scope of acceptance of the two is also different. Banks generally only accept bank wages, while small loan companies can accept self-storage water in addition to bank wages, meaning that Borrowers whose wages are paid in cash are also expected to be loaned. 2, lending fast Banks have always been cautious, so the loan approval time is longer, so the lending is slower; while the small loan company is doing things neatly, as long as the borrower meets the loan requirements, the fastest loan can be obtained on the same day. 3. The loan information will not be included in the credit information system. Since the bank has access to the central bank's credit information system, the credit business (such as mortgage, car loan, credit card, etc.) that the borrower handles at the bank will be reflected in the personal credit report. That is to say, if you have overdue payments, the next loan will be affected. However, many small loan companies are currently involved in the central bank's credit reporting system, so even one or two overdue actions will not affect future loans. As for the reason why the borrower chooses the loan of the small loan company is entangled for two reasons: 1. High cost Because the loan threshold of the small loan company is low, the risk that needs to be borne is high because high interest will be charged. However, the fees charged by the small loan companies are different. The borrowers can borrow more than the three institutions that choose to charge less. 2, the scammers The biggest difference between small loan companies and banks is that in the former, there are many "fishing in the water", while the latter is more standardized and safer. Therefore, everyone must be cautious when looking for a small loan company to handle loans. Do not pay any fees before you get a loan.


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