Buying an education insurance for your child to make a famil

Mothers buy insurance and think that buying a lot of insurance for their children is good for their children, and it doesn't matter if you buy insurance. In fact, this is a big mistake. "Lu Yang said that parents are the child's biggest insurance. As long as there are parents, the child's education money can always be earned. The order of family insurance should be: parents' life insurance, accident insurance, critical illness insurance - the weight of the child Danger and accident insurance.

"Now buy education insurance? One word: loss! A few days ago, a post with such a title was so popular in the life investment and financial management version of Mama. Many mothers who were preparing to buy education insurance for their children gave up the purchase plan because of this post. This post is an insurance company. The agent sent. Is she intentionally disturbing the field, or have other intentions?

Education gold insurance is better than the deposit?

The agent named Lu Yang posted on the mother online post that the traditional education gold insurance Two major functions: First, mandatory savings, preparing education fees for children to go to school in the future; second, the insured's exemption function, that is, the father or mother died unemployed during the payment period or lost their ability to work due to total disability and serious illness. Then the insurance company will waive the unpaid premiums and pay the child's education or entrepreneurship or marriage benefits. In addition, it can also add children's critical illness insurance, children's accident medical insurance, children's hospitalization compensation insurance, etc., to give the baby comprehensive protection.

On the surface, education gold insurance is really a lot of benefits. But Lu Yang believes that as a kind of The strongest insurance for the purpose of saving, the "deposit" interest rate of education funds is only 2.5%, which is much lower than the interest on current time deposits. If you want to save through education insurance, it is better to take it. But some insurance agents who follow the post People pointed out that in addition to the 2.5% interest rate, education funds also have dividends. For example, some insurance companies' products, plus dividends, interest rates can reach 5% or even 6%, but Lu Yang believes that past interests do not represent the future. The current 5-year term deposit can also reach 5.85%. And the protection period of education insurance is too short, and the effect of “complex interest” is obvious. From the perspective of investment, if the money is used to make a fund investment, 15 In the year, the income may be even more impressive.

As for the policy of the policyholder exemption for education insurance, Lu Yang believes that taking 200 out of the education gold premium and buying 100,000 regular life insurance for his father or mother is equivalent to buying A policyholder's exemption insurance. The remaining deposits, the income is still higher than the purchase of education insurance. If the insured person is in danger, there will be 100,000 to the child immediately. Don't wait until the baby reaches a certain number. Only one or two thousand yuan of education money can be distributed. Additional serious illnesses and accidents can also be purchased separately, and do not have to be attached to the education insurance.

Ordinary family keeps the child difficult to protect adults

As an insurance agent, why should Online posting such a post, is it that education gold insurance is nothing? Recently, the reporter interviewed Lu Yang. She first calculated an account: At present, an ordinary family is around 100,000 a year, according to the annual premium of no more than 10% The principle of one year's premium is less than 10,000. The insurance premium of 100,000 yuan generally requires 6000-7000 premium per year, so the remaining 3000, how to buy enough protection for parents? prompted her to post this post. It was one thing she heard about some time ago. A pair of parents bought education insurance for their children, but they did not buy insurance for themselves. As a result, the father unfortunately suffered from nasopharyngeal cancer and needed a large amount of surgery. I will surrender the insurance that I have not finished yet to treat my father. However, the surrender can only return the cash value of the policy, and finally they have not paid the total premium.

Lu Yang believes that she will not recommend clients to buy education insurance until the parents' protection is not done.