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Control method for loan overdue in microfinance

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In order to effectively solve the problem of difficult loans for customers such as farmers, self-employed individuals, private business owners, and individual operators, as well as the microfinance business that relieves the pressure on the operation of the postal bank and the operational risks, the company is gradually being used by many companies and individuals. And the bank attaches importance to the fact that microfinance has gradually appeared in people's sights. However, microfinance is not as good as everyone thinks. When the microfinance business is all the rage, the risk of microfinance is gradually being valued by many microfinance companies. In the overdue control of loans, microfinance companies mainly rely on the review of customer data before loan and the approval of loan information, post-loan inspection and collection. In the micro-credit business, the staff only has to do every step. Well, in this way, it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of overdue loans and prevent the risk of overdue loans. In order to reduce the risk of microfinance, let's take a look at the method of overdue loans for microfinance companies, and hope to have a little help to microfinance companies. 1. Examining the initial review of customer qualifications The first step in preventing the risk of loans when investigating customer data is also an important step for colleagues. Therefore, in microfinance, the staff of the review position should be taken seriously, not sloppy. In the process of acceptance, raise vigilance and check whether the applicant's materials are complete, whether the content is complete and qualified. Check whether the applicant's subject complies with the relevant business requirements of the Bank, whether there is a bad credit record; whether the loan use complies with the Bank's credit policy, whether it is specific and clear; whether the loan investigation report is completed, whether the key financial indicators are calculated accurately, and Whether the data is cross-validated, whether the customer's credit rating form is reasonable, whether the palm hand suggestions in the investigation report are reasonable; the phone verifies the borrower's information to ensure that the guarantor of the loan understands its guarantee responsibility, and whether the team members of the joint guarantee loan understand Its joint responsibility and so on. If any of the places that do not meet the requirements are found to be returned to the loan officer, the loan officer shall, according to the review opinions, make corresponding materials or refuse to pay the loan. 2. Examination and approval of loan information by members of the loan review meeting The members of the loan review meeting may be headed by the director of the micro-credit business with a certain experience, the post-loan management post, and the micro-loan business of the micro-loan business institution. As the second line of defense against loan risk, how the quality of the loan review will directly affect the overdue risk of the loan, but also the quality of the investigation and review. Therefore, the members of the loan review committee should fully grasp the information of the investigation report in advance, grasp the main risks, and carry out the loan officer's personal basic situation of the loan applicant, loan use, production and operation, operating cash flow, repayment ability and personal credit status of the operator. Questioning; the loan officer should highlight the key points and answer the questions raised by the loan review. The trial loan will implement a one-vote veto system, and only all members of the review and approval meeting will approve the approval, and the lender will approve the approval. Each review meeting should set up a special person to record the contents of the review and loan meeting, make detailed records of the questions of each member of the review meeting and the answer of the loan officer, fill out the "review of the loan review meeting", and there must be no "walking through the scene". Post-loan inspection and loan collection work Post-loan management is a relatively low-risk part of the loan process, but it cannot be ignored. Only by grasping this last line of defense is not lax, can the loan risk be truly resisted. The post-loan inspection is an important part of the post-loan management, including the first-stage inspection after the loan, the regular inspection after the loan, and the special inspection after the loan. The main methods used are telephone, interview, field inspection, inquiry of the pedestrian information system and testing. Account number, etc. In the daily work, the loan officer should pay attention to the customer's personal quality warning information, the customer's credit status warning information, whether the customer's family members make major changes, and the signals of the company's management, key technical personnel and major customers, and the wages of the workers. Whether it is normal distribution, signals of changes in customer performance, and other factors that affect customer repayment ability and willingness to repay. Once it is found that it is overdue, it should immediately take appropriate collection measures to ensure the safety of funds.


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