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Foreign exchange trading is mainly concerned with future trends, and it is hoped that the future will go up and down. There are several important factors that need to be paid attention to in the field of foreign exchange trading: quantity, price, time, and time is the timing of intervention, which is also the most important. The timing of the intervention is very important. Sometimes the trading variety is wrong, but when the timing is better, the transaction will be profitable. However, the timing of the intervention is not right. Even if the currency pair is chosen, it will not rise, and it will be discussed, so a good start is half of the success. The choice of the trading point is very important. 1. When choosing the timing of intervention, it is very important that the exchange rate is stable first, and the trading volume shrinks. In the short field, after everyone sees the bad, once the foreign exchange price is stable, the quantity is also shrinking, and you can buy it at this time. 2. When the bottom volume surges, the exchange rate will increase the amount of Changhong. The volume is shrinking, the price has not moved for a long time, after the main force sucks the chips, the investor will immediately intervene with the general trend. At this time, the volume breakthrough means that there will be a surge, and the first batch of huge quantities will appear. Changhong should be bold to buy, and the intervention will have a big gain. 3. Support line for auxiliary analysis. When the break below the support line is not worn and rises, it is the buying opportunity. When the exchange rate fell to the support line and stabilized, it means that the exchange rate is effectively supported. 4. When the bottom achieves a breakthrough. The exchange rate is in the low price zone, the right shoulder of the head and shoulders form is completed, the exchange rate breaks through the short-term is the buying point, and the double-bottom shape is the same, but when the exchange rate appears in a relatively high position after continuous soaring, it is a good intervention. Timing, when the bottom forms a 10% breakthrough is a good buying opportunity. 5. Special forms appear in the low range. For example, there is a cross star, which means that the exchange rate has stopped falling and stabilized. There are tentative buying interventions. If there is a long shadow, it means that the exchange rate is at a strong low position in the long position, which is a good time to buy. 6. The 20-day moving average of the exchange rate is a good decentralized indicator. It should be emphasized that when the US dollar index and the exchange rate are at the bottom and top of the box, special attention should be paid to whether there is any significant bullish or bad news, pay attention to the changes in trading volume, and be ready to respond to the breakthrough of the US dollar index and the exchange rate. For long quotes or short quotes, invalid breakouts are short traps or long traps.


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