There are many ways to insure education


Can be used as a way of storing funds. By insisting on saving for a long time, you can prepare an education fund, which was used in the past. In addition to our usual current and regular savings, most of them specialize in education savings, raising education funds through education savings, not only can get preferential interest rates, according to the relevant regulations of the state, the educational savings that meet the requirements do not have to pay interest. Taxation, and the way of depositing and depositing, is also conducive to the accumulation of “fine water and long flow”. However, there are two obvious shortcomings in using the savings method: the income is relatively low and there is a danger of misappropriation.

Investment securities market

can invest in stocks, funds, warrants, etc., the income may be higher, but the risk is relatively large, the final result can not be determined. We cannot deal with the education of children that must occur with an undetermined investment outcome. Therefore, simply buying stocks to reserve education funds is not desirable for the average family.

Children's Education Gold Insurance

Semi-mandatory savings, channel security, revenue determination, and protection. With the gradual maturity of the insurance industry, the purchase of child insurance has become an ideal financial tool for parents to set education funds for their children. Choosing a suitable child insurance can help you to accumulate your child's education money on a mandatory and planned basis. On the other hand, education insurance has an advantage that other financial management models cannot match, that is, it can have a certain guarantee function.

Most education gold insurance can also provide children with various types of medical and accidental injury insurance for children. While planning for future education, the children should be able to solve their worries and arrange for protection. In addition to providing protection for children, premium exemption is also available. When parents have a major illness or death, they can waive the premium and still have the plan to reserve education.

Children's education gold insurance is commonly used in the following two ways. One is to receive it on a pro rata basis, to ensure that there is sufficient education cost per year for children in higher education, and the second is investment-type insurance, which is realized through regular fixed investment. The goal is to achieve a high profit ratio by selecting the right account, and the risk is lower than that of the direct investment in the stock fund farm. Both aspects can be taken care of. For the child's future, it is the responsibility of the parents to choose a safe and reliable education reserve plan.