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The meaning and distinction of fixed-pay medical insurance

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The meaning and distinction of fixed-income medical insurance The fixed-pay medical insurance refers to medical insurance that pays insurance according to the agreed amount. 1. Expense-type insurance is generally marked in the name of the clause, such as hospitalized peace of mind insurance (expense type). If it is not marked, then it depends on whether the insurance's reimbursement is directly related to the actual cost, such as the actual cost. Payouts, progressive payouts, etc. are all expense types. The cost type is the actual report (the general insurance will not report 100% of the expenses, generally up to 100%), the principle of loss compensation is applicable, that is, the insured is Can't profit from it. Fixed-rate medical insurance is generally indicated in the terms of the subsidy or subsidy. It is characterized by the fact that it is not necessarily related to the actual expenses. It is only related to the amount you purchase. For example, the hospitalization subsidy you purchased is 100/day. So no matter how much you actually spend in hospital, the bed fee is 50 or 200, the insurance company is only responsible for giving you 100 daily payments, the other is not responsible. 2, after the above description, it is estimated that you should be able to distinguish between the two in medical insurance, then in the property insurance, most insurance is applicable to the principle of loss compensation, and there are more insurances for cost type, then there are some special insurance targets. At the time, such as the insurance of jewellery antique jade, because it is impossible to measure its value, the method of fixed insurance is generally adopted, that is, the protection of these items with a value recognized by both parties, such as a night pearl, with a value of 100,000 US dollars as a fixed amount of insurance, Even if it appreciates to 200,000 US dollars, the insurance company is only responsible for 100,000 US dollars. In special circumstances, there is a special case in which some people are involved in compensation for damages in some accidents, because the value of the person cannot be defined. Generally, the insurance company is only responsible for the compensation for medical expenses, and the medical expenses are applicable to the principle of compensation for expenses. That is, a human injury accident cannot be compensated for multiple medical expenses at the same time, but the other compensation for the other values ​​such as nutrition, lost time allowance and even mental loss is not applicable because the value is accurately determined. The result of the coordination between the two parties is the compensation payment standard.


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