How do newcomers in the workplace manage their personal fina

How do newcomers in the workplace carry out personal financial management? For the office workers who are entering the workplace, it is the easiest to become a "moonlight family" or a "poor light family". At this time, it is most necessary to learn to invest in financial management, in order to be able to make a future in the future. Better wealth life, and Xiaobian discuss the new tricks of investment and financial management: How do newcomers in the workplace carry out personal financial management?

How do newcomers in the workplace conduct personal financial management:

One: Compared with the accounting of

, it is better to set a monthly saving target. Many people often feel how to For personal finance, the most important thing is to keep accounts, and in the past, Xiaobian often praised the bookkeeping with everyone, but it is more complicated to implement. Most people even have to edit themselves and it is difficult to follow the plan. Every day, they have to eat, buy food, buy fruits, etc. Wait, it’s too much trouble to keep these accounts, and it’s not worth it to be counted. That is not as active as the passive bookkeeping every day: set how much money to save each month. This is much simpler. Because accounting is to make more money, for future investment and wealth management or other expenses.

II: Investment and wealth management products that choose to deposit

For example, you need to save 500 in a month, or you need to save 1000. This amount depends on your life expenses. We can put this part of the salary card with a fixed deposit. In another bank card, the monthly salary is paid, and the money is transferred to the bank card first. In this way, you can make effective deposits. Of course, in addition to depositing bank cards, Xiaobian recommends that you choose some investment and wealth management products, and you must ensure that there is income rather than the kind of income floating.

Three: make good use of credit card

Credit card is an advance overdraft tool, some people worry that having a credit card will cost money unrestrained, so no credit card at all. Although there are also money-saving and unrestrained, most people still have good control over their expenses. After all, the money spent on it must be paid back. So, use it when you use it.

What are the benefits of credit cards? Increase cash flow. There is no need to say more about the benefits of increasing cash flow. Generally, credit cards have a one-month or even 50-day interest-free period, which is equivalent to borrowing money from the bank and not having interest. These cash flows are used to manage money and are used to respond to emergencies.

In addition, you can use credit cards to go shopping, shopping, and shopping. Another advantage is to help you record your capital expenditure. Is this another convenient accounting? When you repay, you should browse the account entries. I can see where a little bit of money is spent.

Four: Open the road of investment and wealth management

Since there is a monthly fixed deposit, then you can open the investment and wealth management road. Of course, the smaller the cardinality, the smaller the room for it to turn. There are only a few thousand in your hand, so don't think about investing in stocks and funds. The risk is high, the fluctuation is large, but the principal is small, of course, the amount of profit will not be too far off the mark, so the profit of cabbage, why bother to sell white powder.