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How to open a foreign exchange trading account

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In order to make foreign exchange investment, it is necessary to open a foreign exchange account. Only through this account can you conduct foreign exchange trading activities. Then, how to open a foreign exchange trading account? Take the Fuhui platform, one of the largest foreign exchange dealers in the world, as an example. The first step to open an account with Fuhui: obtain an account opening application form through online customer service, and fill in the application form for submitting a real account. The second step of Fuhui account opening: submit the account opening certificate. After simply contacting the customer service and knowing that Fuhui wants to open an account, the investor can fill out the FXCM account opening application form. After filling in the form, you can also prepare a photocopy of the front and back of the ID card or scan the photo. After you are ready, send the information back to the online customer service. Fuhui account opening the third step: open a trading account customer service after receiving the information sent by the investor, will immediately submit it to the administrative department of our company, let the administrative department help you to complete the opening, usually within 3 hours, immediately after the account is completed Inform investors of the trading account, and at the same time FXCM official website will send the password to your mailbox by mail, when investors pay attention to check. Fuhui Account Opening Step 4: Trading Account When the online customer service informs you that FXCM account opening is completed and you have obtained the password, it is not immediately available for trading. You need to wait until the account is available to trade. The general account needs to be within 12 hours of opening an account. The specific FXCM FXCM officially informs the investor via email that the investor will receive an account confirmation letter. The fifth step of Account Opening: Account Deposit When the investor receives the account password and confirms that the trading account is already in the state, the investor can choose to deposit in the FXCM. There are three ways to deposit the deposit: wire transfer and online banking require a fee of 90 to 120RMB. Left and right, about 48 hours to arrive; credit card no handling fee (must have VISA or Master logo can be), within 12 hours of arrival, fast can be instantly received. Coin Union Union deposits, usually 1 working day to arrive, free of charge. The sixth step of Fuhui account opening: officially start trading. After the investor funds are received, the investor can log in to the account and formally trade.


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