Network investment and financial management are risky and ca

As an important part of Internet finance, P2P financial management has set off a wave of investment with the characteristics of short investment period, high return on income, low starting threshold and easy operation. So, what are the risks of P2P financing?

Network investment and financial management has two major attractions: First, the fund threshold is extremely low, generally only 20,000 to 30,000, the lowest number is only 50. Second, the income is extremely high. The annualized rate of return for most projects is between 12% and 15%, and the individual is over 20%. The average annualized rate of return is over 9%.

Investors should choose a platform with third-party fund custody, qualified or strong guarantor to provide joint guarantee, independent and sound risk control and legal department, and independent research and development technical team when choosing the network investment and wealth management platform. Greatly reduce investment risks. At the same time, in the face of 30%, 40% of the annualized rate of return, investors should be cautiously selected, high-yielding yields often reflect the platform's aggressive operations, the narrow and hidden risks of borrowers' access to funds.

The operational risk of the network investment and wealth management platform is mainly reflected in the fact that the practitioners are not good at business management, resulting in failure to cover costs; or loopholes caused by insufficient rigor in the operation process. Although the network investment and wealth management platform is more objective, in terms of the current form, the risk is relatively high, and the P2P platform is carefully selected to ensure the security of funds and prevent investment and financial risks.

With the strengthening of the state's supervision of P2P companies, the deepening of users' understanding of network investment and financial management, as well as the low threshold and high profit characteristics, it is believed that more and more people will choose P2P for investment. If you are still hesitant about network investment and financial management, you may wish to learn more about the information and conduct a deep and practical investigation of the P2P platform to be selected.

So, what should investors pay attention to when choosing network investment and financial management? Financial management is a new type of Internet financial interaction model, allowing the holders of funds and gold demanders to interact and trade through the network. The P2P platform is The middle plays a role of information supply and demand, supervision and overdue.