Cognizing the insured amount and duration of liability for c

How to determine the amount of insurance

Learn how to determine the amount of insurance for children with large illnesses. The determination of the amount of major illness is determined according to the needs. Therefore, anyone can roughly estimate the financial status of a disease according to the current level of medical expenses for major diseases. The total demand (such as 100,000 to 150,000), minus the amount that the current unit or unit may bear (such as savings, public medical care, major illness, etc.), the figure is the amount that should be supplemented by commercial insurance.

Some major illnesses are paid in a certain multiple of the basic insurance amount (such as 2 to 3 times), that is, you need 100,000 guarantees. It is enough to purchase a 50,000 insured amount. The multi-compensation of the major illness insurance is very strong.

As medical expenses continue to rise, it may take a medical examination to increase the amount of insurance after 5 or 10 years. At this time, the physical condition will be relatively poor, and the premium for the increase in age will also rise. Therefore, insurance experts recommend that major illnesses should be prioritized and as satisfying as possible.

If you are buying a serious illness for a child or a young person, you should also consider issues such as inflation. Therefore, it is best to choose a large illness with increasing insured amount.

How long is the liability period of

? How long is the liability period for children with major illnesses? For anyone, you should pay attention to the choice of time period when you are insured. In people's subconscious, young people are healthy, and serious illnesses seem to belong only to middle-aged and elderly people. In fact, nowadays, it has become younger. Therefore, a serious illness is not an accident. A serious illness is not affected by the old and the young. The protection of serious illness should be accompanied by the protection of any person and the cost that must be calculated for each hit. The liability period for major illness insurance should be covered.

To understand which rate is suitable for major illness insurance, no insurance is better than other commodities. The rate is calculated by the actuarial expert according to the scope of insurance liability, and the insurance rate is strictly regulated by the regulatory authorities, so the insurance There is currently no price competition for the product. The price of insurance is directly proportional to the scope of protection. If a cheaper insurance product is chosen, its scope of responsibility and payment conditions will inevitably be limited.

Because of the lack of sufficient data to measure the risk of serious illness, insurers have adopted a floating rate system for many major illnesses. With the increase of age, the possibility of disease will increase. Therefore, the insurance premium is relatively low when young. When the number increases, the insurance premium rate will rise very quickly. In order not to increase the economic burden in the future, it is recommended to purchase the large-scale disease in advance. Choose a fixed rate insurance.