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How should wage earners invest in financial management?

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Compared with the elite class and the middle class, the working class cash is relatively low, the source is relatively stable, the growth rate is relatively flat, and it is easy to predict the future. These characteristics determine how the working class individual family invests in financial management. One is to let yourself Limited financial assets can be appreciated; second, they want to increase their wages and wages, and third, they want to reduce their expenditures without paying attention. How can I get to the above purpose? The following small series will simply help you summarize. 1. Apply financial tools to make your assets appreciate. The development of the financial market has begun to take shape. In addition to savings, there are a variety of investment products, including government bonds, insurance, funds, stocks, foreign exchange and precious metals trading. If it is difficult to grasp your investment options based solely on personal talents, assuming that you simply choose savings or insurance, the annual rate of return will not exceed 7%; blindly following the trend will be a big risk. Suppose you go to a bank or insurance company to find a professional, let him design a portfolio plan based on your existing assets, expected income and expenditure, family status and personal investment preferences, both to avoid risks and improve profitability. 2. Apply your own characteristics and special features to increase your salary. The way to make money in the field economy is to discover and innovate, how to invest in financial management, and the most to avoid blindly following the trend and imitation. In order to increase wages, the working class must give full play to its ingenuity and apply its own characteristics or specialties, and do things that others have no conditions to do or want to do too much. 3. Learn to “nothing” to collect money on standby. Specially engaged in collections such as stamps and antiques, it requires special knowledge, but also spends more money and flesh. It is difficult for working-class people to do well. The family investment financial plan first is based on his living environment, professional characteristics, amateur and other conditions, to be a thoughtful person, choose a certain variety, such as work number plates, lighters, cards, newspapers, cigarette cases, etc., take no (or low-cost) collection methods, waiting for a shot, perhaps have to earn a lot. Second, it is nothing to arbitrarily turn over the "old bottom" of the home, to rationalize those insignificant old things, or to pay more attention to the old things of relatives and friends, maybe it will give you a surprise. 4. Learn to moderately “small gas” to save money. First, control the consumption of children, educate children to develop a good habit of learning from a young age; second, do not rush to pay for each other at friends gatherings, weddings and funerals of units and relatives, don’t want everyone to fight every time. The third is to learn some maintenance techniques, diligently repair and support household items, do not move to ask people to repair or update; fourth is nothing to go shopping, 500 how to invest in financial management really need to list when shopping Do a good job; five is to beat the time difference to avoid the peak season (such as winter clothes summer buy), Wang time (if you do not buy food when you get off work) shopping, stage supplies can not rent to buy. 5. The most important thing is to do the bookkeeping. What is the ultimate goal of financial management? It is the balance of income and expenditure. If you can finally reach the balance of payments in your lifetime, it is a very remarkable thing. On a daily basis, we must know the relationship between our expenditures and the proportions. Only then can we stop the application and distribution of the remaining assets. Good accounting habits are the basis for accomplishing all of this. Personal investment financial papers are commonplace. There are many software tools for online accounting, but their functions are very different. I have used the “Online Banking Center” of ICBC’s website, which can provide daily income and expenditure records and fund account management. It has a lot of functions, and it is quite suitable for family use. When the above points are used to attract the bricks of jade, investors can leave their own family theory, rationally arrange family life, and do a good job in family investment and wealth management, thus making their family life more and more.


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