Investment insurance products also have risks

Since the beginning of this year, the stocks have been sluggish, and the “insurance management” field has become “hot” compared to the stocks. Figures show that since the beginning of this year, insurance markets, especially life insurance, have developed rapidly, with investment-type insurance products becoming the main driving force.

Expert analysis believes that because the dividend insurance, universal, investment and other personal insurance products have strong savings substitution, security and investment, while the capital market continues to decline in the same period, promoting "insurance management" has become the theme of consumers. In response to the gradual warming of “insurance management finance”, experts have warned that investment-type insurance products will also have income risks due to the fluctuation of capital market; the fundamental function of insurance products is still guaranteed, and people should rationally invest and avoid entering financial misunderstandings.

It is worth noting that some investment-type insurance products have suffered losses due to the downturn in the capital market, and some people have chosen to surrender. At the same time, the insurance supervision department has issued a risk warning for the phenomenon of overheating of personal insurance development this year. Experts believe that the fundamental function of "insurance management" should be protection, and people should have a more rational investment awareness.

The relevant person in charge of the Insurance Regulatory Bureau said that the overheating of personal insurance has been a serious problem this year and has caused great concern from the insurance regulatory authorities. Strong control measures have been taken to effectively curb the overheated development of personal insurance and prevent the “rising and falling” of the personal insurance industry.

Experts remind the people that in the era of universal financial management, the people must do their own asset allocation. There is a famous saying in investment and financial management, "Don't put all the eggs in the same basket." As a guaranteed product, insurance should first become the bottom of the "financial basket". Without this bottom, more "eggs" are easy to fall out. Secondly, the people should enhance their awareness of investment and financial risk. When purchasing, they should see the relevant terms of the insurance contract and invest according to their purchasing power. Third, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the term, cost, risk situation, customer rights and obligations of new life insurance products, and effectively protect their own interests. For example, investment insurance is a product suitable for long-term investment, and there is a certain fee for choosing to surrender.