Investment in connection with the danger of returning to the

Extends the long-term investment crisis and seems to have a taste of returning to the rivers and lakes. A total of 10 investment-linked insurance accounts of three life insurance companies were approved to be established recently. This is the second time after June last year, the investment approval check gate was reopened. According to the reporter's understanding, there are still insurance companies lining up to apply for investment-linked insurance accounts, or they will be approved in accordance with the procedures.

The approved investment-linked insurance accounts are: Life Insurance set up a “hybrid investment account”, insurance 7 branches set up “domestic demand portfolio investment account”, life established “advance investment account” and “investment account”.

Due to the sensitivity of the stock before the holiday, the approval of the investment-linked insurance will open the gate again, which will lead to the speculation that “the insurance fund will be connected to a large number after the supervision layer is optimistic”. actually not.

Many insiders said that the above speculation was a misunderstanding. In the first place, the process of account approval will not be determined based on the judgment of the capital market. Second, these new batches of accounts are not based on the current status of the existing capital market. Most of them are accounts that have been declared last year, and they are added to the existing investment-linked insurance accounts.

Indeed, since the misinformation of investment-linked insurance sales in 2008, regulators have been painstakingly applying risk balance, and the regulatory focus has shifted from account approval to sales behavior and information disclosure.

"In the medium and long term, as the capital field recovers, the scale of volume and investment income continue to increase, and the investment in the joint ventures will bring vitality to the capital market. However, considering the scale and revenue, the short-term impact may be less than expected. The head of a life insurance company evaluates the influence of the investment in the company.

However, from the perspective of stock index points, this investment-linked insurance is obviously a good time, especially for investment-linked accounts with close-linked investment accounts such as aggressive investment accounts. However, more than one head of life insurance company admitted that although the approval has been obtained, it is still subject to the situation of the investment. The “situation” in their mouths is mainly judged by the recovery of the capital market and sales.

Due to the relatively complex environment of last year, this requires investment managers of investment-linked insurance to adapt to the multi-field style change in the short term, which is definitely a big test for them.

Warburg Securities' latest investment report for the 2010 Annual Investment Report shows that due to the wide fluctuations in the stock market last year, the overall performance of the investment-linked insurance account that is dependent on it has been poor. Only a few individual accounts can be used to reinforce the position of the life-sustaining account, which once again defended its position as the king of investment-linked insurance. In 2010, it achieved an annual return of 23.82%, and its 5-year cumulative return rate was as high as 971.02%. However, the case does not represent the investment level of investment insurance in the entire industry. "At present, investment-linked insurance accounts are mainly based on allocation funds. Insurance companies use slogans with the ability to optimize funds to convince customers to purchase investment-linked insurance. Does all insurance companies that have launched investment-linked insurance have such capabilities?" A person in the industry who has long been concerned about investment-linked insurance has questioned. Behind the disparity in the performance of investment-linked insurance, the difference between the management level and investment ability of various insurance companies is reflected. According to relevant sources, the scale of the internal research on fixed-income investment has reached more than 60 people. The incentive mechanism is more flexible than its peers and its asset allocation capability is also strong. “They began to focus on jiacang in June last year, which confirmed their accuracy in grasping the macroeconomic situation.” In contrast, some small and medium-sized insurance companies have only single digits in the investment department, while individual insurance companies simply The investment management function of the investment-linked insurance was entrusted to the relevant fund company. At present, considering different product strategies, insurance giants do not seem to have a “cold” for investment-linked insurance. However, the types of basic insurance accounts for life insurance “Second Legion” have been fully equipped, so recently The newly-invested investment-linked insurance will be dominated by joint venture life insurance companies and Chinese insurance new recruits. The industry believes that it is imperative for the insurance new army to do their homework before entering the market.