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How to use insurance

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Insurance is the first tool for family financial management. In modern family finance, only when insurance is arranged, funds can be used for other investment applications. So, how to use insurance to do a good job in family finance? First, use insurance to establish a security account. That is to say, the first policy of the family should be given to the main source of the economy. If the source loses its source due to risk issues (exceptions, diseases, etc.), the family will not be robbed and will continue to maintain the existing life. How is the insurance coverage in this way? It is very simple, that is, the year is multiplied by the number of years of work. If the annual salary is 100,000 and the preparatory work is retired for 30 years, then the insurance amount is 3 million. This type of insurance also best reflects the utility of insurance, and it has the leverage of four or two, so the premiums invested are very low, and it is the most cost-effective insurance. If a long-term security account is established (the premium has a savings function), it is sufficient to generally invest about 5% of the family year; if a short-term protection account (pure consumption type) is established, the cost is lower. For example: 200 premiums can have 100,000 annual accidental disability protection, which is the insurance. Second, establish a health insurance account with insurance. Because of health problems, regardless of men, women and children, especially the current social environmental pollution, food safety and work stress, according to the statistics of the health department, the probability of suffering from major diseases among us is about 80%, so the health insurance family must Prepare a copy. Health insurance is mainly divided into major illness insurance and general hospitalization insurance. The former is payable type, and the latter is reimbursable type. Therefore, people with social medical insurance should pay attention not to repeat the application when they choose reimbursement commercial medical insurance. For the payable type of major illness insurance, it can be reasonably selected according to the economic situation, because it is not a supplement to social medical insurance, but an important component of a complete health insurance. How much does it cost? If you have a high family year, for example, a family of 1 million a year, about 5% is enough. If the family year is relatively weak, such as a family of two or three hundred thousand, It is probably 10% of the year. Third, use insurance to establish an old-age savings account. A person's life is not necessarily sick, but it will definitely get old, so the preparation of a pension is a matter of a person sooner or later. When is the pension ready? Just like climbing a mountain, the sooner you prepare, the easier it will be. However, the problem of pension for both husband and wife in the family is far more serious and urgent than the problem of the child's pension, and both husband and wife are often the priority to prepare the woman's pension problem, because many families are younger than the man, and the life of the woman is average. It is a few years longer than a man. Therefore, the priority of the pension is arranged on the woman, which is safer for the husband and wife to live in the future. Of course, there are many people who choose a variety of pension preparation methods, such as stocks, funds, gold, collections, real estate, etc. There are many tools to choose from on the field, but no matter which way you choose, as a pension. Funds must be characterized by security, continuity, stability, growth and non-appropriation. Finally, use insurance to establish a long-term investment account. This should be considered at the end of family insurance financing. It is to solve the problem of long-term preservation and appreciation of household idle funds. It is an insurance account that you can consider if you have prepared the first three accounts and have spare funds. Remember: Insurance is not a tool for making money, no matter what the circumstances, risk prevention and capital security functions are always in the first place, so those who want to invest through insurance must be prepared for long-term financial management. The above is the order and different focus of insurance for family finance.


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