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There are many restrictions on outdoor sports for special friends. In developed countries, people who do outdoor sports need to buy two types of insurance, one is personal accident insurance and the other is rescue insurance. Once there is a problem, the insurance company will pay for it. However, the current professional insurance for mountaineering, the number of participants is small, the premium is very high, not designed for ordinary friends. Although almost all outdoor clubs currently force their members to buy insurance, many insurance companies have a “responsibility exemption” clause in the travel insurance rescue contract: “The insured is engaged in diving, water skiing, rafting, skiing, skydiving, High-risk sports such as rock climbing and adventure activities. For insurance companies, such adventures are high-risk outdoor projects, with high risk of personal injury and death, and fewer participants. From the perspective of insurance claims mechanism and profitability, it is not beneficial to design commercial insurance products specifically for such risks. It is mapble, so there are very few insurance products. Conducting a Risk Assessment First of all, the choice of a completely free way of travel means that you have to bear all the corresponding risks. In recent years, insurance has also been increasingly recognized by the majority of “friends”. In the list of “Travel Equipment”, the travel accident insurance is also listed as the top priority of the to-do list. For the cool self-help friends, how to choose insurance? The insiders suggest to lock the products that suit them from the perspectives of coverage, insurance coverage and disclaimer. In terms of scope of protection, travel accident insurance usually includes accidental death and disability compensation, medical expenses, hospitalization allowance, etc. Some accident insurance products also include medical transportation and return expenses, death fees for death and death, etc. The premium is also higher, and travelers are advised to choose according to the degree of risk of their trip. The reasonableness of the insurance amount determines whether the protection purchased at the time of the accident can only be comforted, or can actually reduce or even eliminate the economic burden. Insurance experts suggest that under ideal conditions, the recommended amount of death and total disability is 10 times that of the insured. This can guarantee that the insured's family life quality will not be affected within 10 years after the accident. influences. Finally, the disclaimer is a special part of the “friends”. Extreme outdoor sports such as rock climbing, diving, mountain crossing, and transportation modes such as charter and rides with “friends” may not be in scope. A careful study of insurance disclaimers is critical to these “mammoths”. Professional insurance is more reliable For some dangerous sports, how to choose insurance? A senior travel insurance expert said that the current travel insurance is not limited to accidental injury and medical protection, but is extended according to the actual needs of consumers. Provide a full range of three-dimensional protection for travel. Special reminder is that for those who plan to travel abroad, it is best to choose insurance products with overseas emergency services. This kind of service is usually jointly launched by insurance companies and international rescue centers. Visitors can get help in time by calling anywhere, no matter where they are in danger. In addition, the payment of medical expenses in overseas travel insurance is also very important. The choice of insurance products with this function can ensure that victims receive timely treatment in the event of an accident, and will not affect the progress of treatment due to medical expenses. It is worth noting that most life insurance products contain responsibility for death. The long-term life insurance products sold by life insurance companies include death responsibilities in addition to the critical illness insurance. It is only in terms of insurance liability that covers the death responsibility of ordinary accident insurance, and even the suicide behavior after two years of insurance coverage is included.


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