Financial management knowledge: the choice of small investme

First of all, bank savings is an important choice for many small wealth management investments. However, I have to be reminded that the bank savings rate is generally low. For investment planners, the regular savings are higher than the demand deposits, and the deposit interest rate starts from the savings date. The screening period and waiting period actually have certain advantages in the time of income. But overall, time deposit funds are less liquid, and interest rates earned through bank savings are generally low. The rate of return is likely to keep pace with inflation, so don't deposit all the funds in the bank.

Secondly, the optional products for investment and wealth management also have money funds. Monetary funds mainly invest in some central bank bills, short-term government bonds, repurchase, bank deposits, etc., also known as "quasi-saving products", but also a relatively small risk investment method. The Monetary Fund's investment principal is relatively safe and liquid. It is second only to current savings. The annual rate of return is generally around 4%. Several hundred can be invested. It is often recommended by investment financial experts as a reserve tool for family reserve funds. However, the money fund is not high-yielding, and it is not completely risk-free. In the investment process, the money fund of a professional institution is selected.

Partially supported redemption of treasure management projects In addition, the Internet financial model of treasure management products is also a good choice. Generally, the threshold of such wealth management products is relatively low, and the rate of return is also at a high level among similar products. For example, the expected income of products such as “live bag”, “live wallet” and “Riyingbao” has reached 8%~15%. Left and right, similar to the model of Yu'ebao products, greatly increased the liquidity of funds. Therefore, it is a good choice for small investment and financial management.

In fact, investors should have basic financial management knowledge, broaden their horizons when choosing financial management, understand a variety of financial management models, diversify their investments, and rationally arrange capital allocations to be the performance of their own property owners. There are some differences in the rules for using each wealth management product. For example, “Yuebao” and “Living Bao” have no handling fees, and the annualized income of “Live Money Bao” and “Riyingbao” is above 10%.