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After many friends have some savings in their hands, some people may start to consider bank deposits to earn bank interest and purchase Internet financial investment wealth management products. There are still some friends who don't know how to make investment and financial management, blindly follow the trend of investment stocks. This year's stock status is not the stocks, they also know the basic situation of the current stocks. How do investment and wealth management users invest in wealth management? The vast majority of people are just people, but they don’t know what issues to pay attention to when purchasing wealth management products. How to choose investment and wealth management products? Today, Xiaobian talks about his own opinions and hopes to help everyone. How to choose investment wealth management products is a long-term topic in every investment novice. How do newcomers make investment money? Which kind of wealth management products are good? For those who do not understand investment and financial management, they tend to be blind in choosing investment and wealth management products, blindly pursue high profitability, and forget to do investment and financial management. Come to risk. The risk mentioned here is a loss. It may be that the loss of income may also be lost. High-yield investment wealth management products must be the best? Suppose you have 100,000 movable assets in your hands, and you can accept investment for up to 5 years, giving you two choices: one is to invest an annualized rate of return of 11%, every year There is a steady income. The second is that the annual return on investment is 25%, but in the past few years, it was the income, and in the fifth year, there was a loss of 30%. Many people think that the second way of investing is definitely better than the first one because of the high rate of return. In fact, the opposite is true that the second type of risk is actually higher than the first one. In addition, after purchasing financial management, investment and wealth management users should always pay attention to the public information published on the financial platform. Sometimes the yield adjustment clause will be clearly stated. Investors should always pay attention to relevant information to understand why the platform will adjust interest rates. When investors choose wealth management products, they should also pay attention to whether the product redemption can be paid within 1-2 working days. Investors who have urgent plans for funds will pay special attention to this article. In doing investment and financial management, investors are first concerned about whether the product investment direction contains medium and high risk areas, because this is the key to determining whether the product can be guaranteed at maturity, and to examine the platform's risk control capabilities.


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