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How should households with an annual income of 140,000 yuan

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[Financial case] Mr. Liao, this year, 32 years, about 80,000. Wife is 28 years old this year, about 60,000. Both companies pay five insurance and one gold, and the year-end award is 100,000. The two have a one-and-a-half son. The annual family living expenses are about 60,000, and there is no mortgage. At present, there are 50,000 products purchased by Lifeitong Internet Banking products, and the annualized income is about 5.6%, which can be withdrawn at any time. Other products were not purchased. Since the son will go to school two years later, family expenses will increase, and Mr. Liao plans to start accumulating funds. [Case Study] The financial planner analyzed that Mr. Liao's family is in the growth period of his children and family expenses will increase. At the same time, Mr. Liao and his wife are already in the development stage of their careers, and they have also increased their ability to resist risks. It is recommended to increase some investment and purchase some wealth management products to make the family's limited funds get higher returns. In addition, family security is not comprehensive enough. [Financial advice] 1. Cash planning First, Mr. Liao will reserve 30,000 family reserves for the family to facilitate family emergencies. 2. Insurance (Reassuring Insurance) Planning Because Mr. Liao and his wife are the main economic pillars of the family, it is the focus of family insurance. It is recommended to add accidental injury insurance to 1,500 per person per year. The total annual household premium is controlled at around 40,000. To improve family security. 3. Investment Planning In terms of investment and financial management, Mr. Liao should increase investment in addition to 50,000 Internet wealth management products. It is recommended to divide the investment into two parts, one as long-term investment and the other as short-term and short-term investment. At present, with an annual expenditure of 140,000 yuan and a family reserve of 30,000 and a premium of 4 years, only 10,000 funds and 100,000 year-end awards can be manipulated. According to this plan, Mr. Liao can get 13360 = 110,000 * 9.6% + 50,000 * 5.6% of the income in a year, which is more cost-effective than bank deposits. Long-term financial management will definitely improve the quality of family life!


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