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The term investment finance was first seen in the early 20s of the 1990s. With the expansion of stock exchanges, the growing wealth of commercial banks and retail businesses, and the general increase in the number of people, the concept of “financial management” has become increasingly popular. So what are the misunderstandings of financial management that are often easy to appear in investment and financial management? The following are the three common misunderstandings in the investment management of the small series. Myth #1: Investing in wealth is to make money, that is, to buy stocks, or to buy real estate. Many people have a serious misunderstanding of the concept of investment and financial management. Some people think that investing in wealth management is to make money, that is, to buy stocks or to buy real estate. In fact, this is just one aspect of investment and financial management. Another important aspect of investment and wealth management is that when you encounter difficult problems, you spend less or not even spend money. Specifically, you use insurance, tax and legal tools. Reasonably allocate assets. Investment and financial management means using investment and wealth management knowledge and tools to carry out a comprehensive, comprehensive, holistic, personalized, professional, dynamic and long-term financial service in response to customer needs. Investment and financial management includes cash planning, consumer spending planning, education planning, risk management and insurance planning, tax planning, investment planning, retirement pension planning, and property distribution planning. Myth 2: Investment and financial management is a new thing. The term investment and financial management is not a new term. It can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period and gradually improved during the Western Han Dynasty. Modern investment finance is generally believed to have originated in the insurance industry of 20, and in a hotel in Chicago in 1969, a small group of financial and financial professionals in various financial sectors discussed a shortcoming they saw: each professional sector has its own investment and financial management. Consultant, but lacks investment financial advisors who are fully familiar with various financial fields to serve customers, and thus investment and wealth management services have emerged. Investment and financial management can be said to have exceeded the scope of investment and insurance. Based on the cycle theory, scientific and practical methods and procedures are used to formulate realistic and operational investment financial planning based on the financial and non-financial status of individuals and families. And financial security and financial freedom of the family. Generally speaking, investment and financial management is a reasonable use of investment and financial management tools and investment and wealth management knowledge to carry out different investment and financial planning, complete the established investment and financial management goals, and achieve the final. The tools for investment and financial management mainly include savings, insurance, stocks, funds, foreign exchange, gold, collectibles and investment trusts. The knowledge of investment and financial management mainly involves finance, accounting, economics, investment, finance, taxation and law. There are two main objectives for investment and financial management. One is financial security, the other is financial freedom, financial security is the foundation, and financial freedom is the end. From another perspective, investment and financial management have two directions, one is offense and the other is defense. Myth #3: I don't have money. How to invest in financial management is useless. For personal investment and financial planning, some people think that the bank's investment and wealth management services are regular. The longer the savings, the higher the return can be. Some people think that if they don't have money, it is useless to invest in financial management.


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