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Is the third-party P2P financial platform really reliable? I

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P2P financial management has become the new darling of investors. Under the premise of pursuing high returns, we should pay more attention to the risk coefficient of the platform. How to choose a reliable P2P platform is mainly considered from six aspects. 1. Whether there is a guarantee of interest and interest protection. If the investment income is not guaranteed, it is better to put the money in the bank. Because many platforms are not strong enough, there is no guarantee of interest and interest. Clicking on it only sees a lot of recovery instructions, that is, there is no promise. Of course, the commitment of different platforms to the principal and interest protection is different. Some of the guarantees are not guaranteed. Some of the guaranteed interest rates are limited to some products or VIP customers. It is necessary for investors to study it carefully. Do not casually take shots. 2. Is the investment guarantee system single or 100%? There are investors who spoke out that many platform guarantees are “limited companies”. The advertisement says 100% interest and interest protection. Seriously, the rules are only guaranteed 50,000! Some platforms have risks. Reserves, but no guarantee, the platform bears all risks. Once the bad debt rate explodes, the platform has no choice but to run, and the investors naturally suffer heavy losses. What's more, some platforms put all the responsibilities to the guarantee company, but the guarantee company is opened by its own, or the strength is not strong, and the guarantee platform is also closed down. Some platforms engage in so-called legal aid reserves, and the platform is not responsible for the responsibility of the platform. 3. Whether the platform is funded by third parties According to national regulations, all P2P platforms cannot set up funds pool. This means that there is no platform for third-party fund custody, which is definitely illegal. This is because, if there is no fund custody, it is equal to handing over the management of their own money to others. It goes without saying that the investor’s money may be nine dead. In addition, the nature of the third-party fund custody can also determine the extent of the platform, such as state-owned banks, third-party payment, or dual custody, which can minimize the possibility of the boss behind the platform. 4, look at the standard wind control Wind control is the core of the P2P platform. The so-called wind control is difficult for laymen to understand. The simple understanding is: whether the various materials are complete, whether the procedures for risk control are reasonable, and so on. 5. Whether the interest is reasonable Generally, the reasonable loan interest is 25-35%. After deducting the normal operation and profit of the platform, in normal terms, the reasonable interest rate for investors to bid is about 10%-18%. What is certain is that if this high interest rate is maintained for a long time, the platform will be difficult to grow long, or it will be a loss of life, or it will be an attempt. So you can see that after a round of high interest promotion, the compliant platform will lower the interest. Investing in these platforms is undoubtedly equal to the blood of the knife and the millet. And if the interest rate is too low, the biggest possibility is that the operating cost is high, which is more difficult for investors. 6, platform certification On this point, do not disregard. It is worth mentioning that the certification of the platform is not as good as possible, and the necessary certification must be available. Only the platform with the necessary certification is the most basic legal platform. The small partners must look carefully before investing, and the missing platform should be thought twice.


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