Parents with big hands and big feet should be insured for th

Every year, the pressure on the children's pockets makes them happy. How should parents use this "children's money"? Many financial experts pointed out that parents who are big-handed should be insured for education insurance for their children.

Ms. Li usually earns more money when she earns money. When she spends money, she is a bit of a big deal. The children’s previous money is spent unconsciously. Ms. Li hopes to use her insurance to save herself a part of the money, which is used exclusively as Xiaoxuan's education fund. Financial experts believe that parents like Ms. Li are best suited to buy education fund insurance.

For example, insurance newly introduced insurance, Ms. Li needs to pay 4438 premiums per year, the insurance amount is 10,000, and she has to pay 10 years of premiums, a total of 44.38 million. Then, Xiaoxuan will receive 10,000, 11,000, 12,000 and 13,000 living cash at the ages of 18, 19, 20 and 21, respectively, for a total of 46,000, which will be used as an education fee during the university. With the current average university tuition of 4200 / year to 5600 / year, these living cash is basically enough. In addition, Xiaoxuan can also receive bonuses at 28 (this depends on the company's performance, if the calculation is at the mid-range level, the dividend is about 21,000), as a marriage or entrepreneurship.

It is worth mentioning that most education insurance is exempt. For example, in the five cases in which the above-mentioned products are unfortunately deceased, completely disabled, suffering from serious illness, and in the end of the disease, and after long-term care after 60, the insured does not have to pay the premium and is replaced by the insurance company to avoid the inability of the parents. Children cannot enjoy protection when paying premiums.