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How to master the correct personal investment management met

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Whether you have a monthly salary of more than 10,000 or a moonlight family, in order to ensure the quality of life and achieve your own deposit goals, it is essential to have a certain amount of personal investment and financial management knowledge; each person's situation is different, the needs are different, then the financial management is established. The goal is also different. At present, personal investment and financial management knowledge is not popular. Although there is investment thinking, if there is no theoretical knowledge, it will not achieve the effect of financial management. According to relevant sources, from the feedback of investors in the past, it is found that personal investment and financial management knowledge is very scarce. Most investors have more or less misconceptions about financial management. If they only pursue interest, they do not make reasonable personal investment and financial management. Planning, then it is difficult to go on the road of financial management. If you want to master the correct personal investment and financial management knowledge, you must know where you are wrong. 1. Investing in low-risk wealth management products without innovation. In order to ensure the safety of investment funds, many investors only dare to invest in low-risk wealth management products. Investors with certain personal investment and wealth management knowledge know that the lower the risk of wealth management products, the lower their income. Blind investment in low-risk wealth management products, although it can guarantee the safety of funds, but the benefits are minimal, and in personal investment and wealth management, high-risk wealth management products are the main means of wealth appreciation, so a reasonable mix of high risk and low risk The configuration of wealth management products is the right way to manage money. 2. Many Moonlight people think that they have no money to manage. Most of the young people are living in the moonlight. Investment and financial management are far-reaching things for them, let alone investing in wealth management products. Although this is the life situation of many people, this is not the reason for refusing to manage money. Mainly you have the goal of financial management, then you can have the first funds for investment and financial management through a certain amount of savings. 3. There is no real understanding of insurance wealth management products. I believe that many people will immediately hang up after receiving the phone number from the insurance company. This also reflects the misunderstanding of insurance products and the lack of personal investment and financial management knowledge. In fact, some insurance can not only be used as an investment tool, but also have risks. The guarantee function is very safe. 4, can not see their own situation, will only blindly follow the trend to buy wealth management products. The main manifestation of the lack of personal investment and financial management knowledge is: blindly follow the trend to buy wealth management products, even if you don't know about financial products, as long as you buy more people, you can buy them with confidence. This is the main reason for the risk. Once you buy If you are not suitable for your own products, you will be at risk of losing money.


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