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Health insurance payment conditions

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Payment conditions for health insurance In the event of an insurance policy for health insurance, the insurer will pay the insurance premium for reasonable and necessary expenses. The expenses that can be paid include outpatient fees, medicine fees, hospitalization fees, nursing expenses, hospital miscellaneous fees, surgery fees, and various inspection fees. The medical expense insurance generally stipulates a maximum insurance amount, and the insurer pays the insured's expenses within the limit of the insurance amount. When the limit is exceeded, the insurer stops paying. When the expenditure on medical expenses exceeds (or can be calculated in a row) deductible in one year, the insured person is eligible to apply for various medical expenses. The insurance network recommends the following health insurance for you: Yishun Care Comprehensive Protection Plan covers a comprehensive range of accidents, accidental medical care, hospitalization allowances, and surgery allowances. It is designed for children and young people. In the event of accidents in schools and kindergartens, the amount can be insured. Double payment, non-accidental death can be comforted. Yishun Care Comprehensive Protection Plan Includes accidental injuries, accidental medical care, hospitalization allowance, surgery allowance, and double pay for traffic accident injuries. It is a favorable supplement for social security and is very suitable for office workers. Personal hospitalization Medical insurance includes a hospitalization allowance, an additional organ transplant surgery insurance premium, and a non-organ transplant surgery insurance premium.


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