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In order to enable investors to believe in themselves, the major investment and wealth management platforms can be said to have tried various methods. Since the state's supervision has not been put in place, and there are many problem platforms, there are road running events. The authenticity and security of the investment and wealth management platform have become the key targets of other financial management tools. Our process of accessing the investment and wealth management platform is a learning process. We must not only know how to learn investment and financial management, but also be good at learning from other people's investment and financial management, and understand the security protection form of the platform. Nowadays, the most common management method for investment and financial platform is to use the form of guarantee. Then the guarantee is divided into several types. The most common guarantee method is the third-party guarantee. This method has a third-party guarantee company to carry out the investment and wealth management platform. Guarantee, once P2P financial management such a financial instrument defaults, then it has the right to make compensation or debt acquisition. The guarantee company belongs to the leveraged industry. If there is a money, it can guarantee 10 yuan. After all, P2P wealth management is a small investment and wealth management project, so the guarantee is also relatively simple, reducing the risk of default, providing a more rigorous review and ensuring the safety of investors. However, if the bad debt rate is more than 10%, then there will be problems in the operation of the guarantee company. When we choose the investment and wealth management platform, do we often see how much risk deposits the P2P financial platform will generate on the website. This kind of fund is composed of the interest management fee drawn from the transaction loan. Each time it is drawn, it will be deposited into the risk reserve account. It is able to advance all or part of the principal and interest like a P2P wealth management investor after the risk of the investment and wealth management platform. However, there are cases where it cannot be completely covered. Although the remaining two guarantee methods are also adopted by investment and wealth management platforms, they are not common. One is the platform self-guarantee model, and the second financial institution credit and guarantee institutions jointly guarantee. Why do you say this? Although these two guarantee models have higher security guarantees for funds, the relative platform and guarantor's strength is higher, and the second need to be an investment and financial platform with financial institutions background. In cooperation with its asset management company, the transfer of funds can be achieved and the intermediary nature of the P2P financial platform can be realized.


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