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What are the Internet financial management products?

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It is hard to imagine that Zhang Wei is a senior financial person who has worked in traditional banking for 23 years. He has been engaged in risk management business in the bank. He laughed and saw too many risks. People became cautious and even delayed the process of investing in real estate at the time. "In fact, the people who accumulated wealth at the beginning started from investing in real estate. It was too crazy during that time, but this kind of days is gone forever." Zhang Wei believes that with the economic downturn, banks Under the circumstances that the interest rate is lowered and the investment field is relatively narrow, the direction and means of investment of personal funds are limited. The specific investment and financial management methods are related to personal investment preferences and financial knowledge levels, but for investors at this stage, security is undoubtedly the first. Do not put "eggs" in the same "basket". "Don't put all the eggs in the same basket" is the most simple asset allocation. Zhang Yishen believes that “whether it is asset allocation or the choice of investment institutions, this principle must be followed.” Zhang Wei believes that investment and wealth management needs to spread risks, so investment must be more diversified. “In a package of investment plans, we can make some investment share. If you are a relative, but willing to pay a small part of the cost to try high-yield products, you can choose 60% of the assets are relatively safe and secure; 10 %-20% of high-risk, high-yield investments, such as PE, LP and other equity investments; the rest are assets that meet liquidity needs, such as Internet finance, borrowed products, and bank money funds In addition, Zhang Hao also pointed out that if investors are relatively radical, under the premise of ensuring liquidity, a larger proportion of funds can be placed on equity investment or other high-risk high-yield investments. In the selection of institutions, Zhang Hao reminded investors to consider the industry risks and the risks that may exist in the organization. “Investors can choose a number of third-party wealth management and Internet financial management institutions with high status in the industry. Relatively speaking, there are brand effects, top-ranking institutions in the industry, as well as professional experience and a large number of customers. Financial planners are more trustworthy.” Consider flexibility, liquidity, maturity and interest rates. In the context of the decline in traditional wealth management income, Internet finance continues to “invade”. Although the yield of Internet financial wealth management products is high, the field is mixed, and “how to choose” always makes investors feel puzzled. Zhang Jian, who is in the Internet finance industry, said that about 40% of his entire asset allocation is in Internet finance. "Internet financial products are mostly short-term products, so the liquidity of assets will be relatively high. In terms of product selection, I will choose products with a short period of one month to three months and a yield of less than 10%." Zhang said "Because in the economic downturn, it is very difficult to achieve an investment of 10% of the rate of return. Many Internet finance companies raise funds for various industries, so what are the stability and gross profit margins of these industries? For a yield of more than 10%, I will make a question mark." From the perspective of investment horizon, Zhang Wei believes that short-term products are more liquid and risk-proof. "In general, the company's borrowing is borrowed on a one-year basis. If it breaks up the one-year loan into six, that is, two months. In this case, the first six issues I think are safe. But after the expiration of the six-phase period, it needs to be replenished with new funds, so the risk behind it is also higher, 'Never take over the last stick'. So, when I choose liquid assets, I will be more inclined to those who continue to follow. Short-term products.” High-yield equity investments require specialized knowledge. "Investors with a relatively high level of financial knowledge structure and investment and financing experience can choose equity-based investments." Zhang said, "Under professional guidance, such investments can achieve certain high returns." Frankly, 20% to 25% of assets are also being invested in equity. “The term of equity investment and the profit cycle are relatively long, usually in two to three years, but I can predict the return of benefits that this industry may bring to me in the future, so I choose equity investment to guarantee my future.” Meanwhile, he It also reminds investors that it is risky to see the big environment of the whole industry. Especially in some industries with overcapacity, don't be confused by product packaging and financial manager lobbying. In addition, the fixed-income return products that can balance the principal, security and compound value are also accounting for 20% to 30% of the funds in Zhangye's asset allocation. He said that he would give priority to such products of the bank, even if the income is lower, but the credit is more secure, and the way of paying interest is also his focus. "The fixed-term income, I will pay attention to it is paid monthly or quarterly. This aspect is a risk consideration, and on the other hand, it is related to the return on investment. If it is a monthly interest payment, the scattered funds can If you re-invest in it, it will also be compounded, and the probability of returning funds and loss will be reduced."


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