How to believe in online investment and wealth management pl

Speaking of online investment and wealth management platform, small companions will not feel strange. Since the introduction of P2P in 13 years, its speed of development has been unstoppable. Especially in the past one or two years, the P2P platform has developed very rapidly. The number of P2P platforms in 2015 exceeded 2,000, and the P2P launch period has arrived.

The last two years have been very fast. Due to the gradual growth of Internet finance, the P2P industry has begun to develop. Many companies and banks have participated in the P2P field. With the introduction of regulatory policies, the P2P industry is facing a big wash. brand. Since the launch of P2P, there have been many negative news. Why do you still insist on investing?

At present: The reason why P2P financial management is going smoothly from time to time is that he did deal with the crisis that the people need to use money urgently, but today in the wealth management, How should investors choose from this? From the January to the recent announcement, the Dagong blacklist already covers 1,277 platforms. These platforms touch on key issues such as the nature of the platform, inadequate disclosure of information, and inability to evaluate debt-servicing capabilities. The China Banking Regulatory Commission issued four regulatory red lines, and the family accounting rules platform needs to understand the nature of the intermediary.

But at present many platforms do not do this, but have a pool of funds and self-integration. Wind control is always the line of P2P platform, and how can we strengthen the platform's risk control? Yuan Rongsheng, director of Li Rongbao's risk control, believes that “only physical mortgage, full-value physical mortgage is the most secure way to reduce bad debts. "Real and effective full collateral is the last line of defense against the borrower's inability to repay, and is the safest line of defense."

Recently, the phenomenon of the fund pool has been valued by more and more investors. There are very few platforms for small-scale financial management to be funded by third parties. The third-party fund custody can avoid capital inflows. The bank account of the platform constitutes a pool of funds, reducing the risk of misappropriation of funds.

The central bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission, at the meeting to define illegal fund-raising in the industry, understood that the proposed platform funds were suspended by banks or third-party payment companies. Currently, more than 2,000 P2P financial platforms require less than 40% platform compliance. Although some platforms advertise their own funds are hosted by third parties, but can not afford to investigate. The platform does not guarantee that this is a premise of the nature of the intermediary, but this does not mean that the platform has no guarantee. A platform with a special guarantee agency that provides full principal and interest and joint guarantee guarantees is significantly stronger than an unsecured platform.