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How to choose the right way to manage money, it seems important to understand yourself. For example, investment preferences and financial status can influence your investment style and influence financial income. In general, financial management can be divided into five steps. First, risk assessment, to know what type of investors you are, whether your investment preferences are type or radical, there will generally be a risk assessment questionnaire to assess your risk tolerance, because this is a key factor in determining how assets are configured. . Secondly, financial diagnosis. Before making financial planning, you must make an individual inspection of your or your family's financial situation. There are usually two tables, one is the family monthly income and expenditure statement, and the other is the family balance sheet. Where is the family financial shortcoming. Then, according to the financial shortcomings, formulate financial management goals. Generally, there are several principles. First, your financial goals must meet the target or development trajectory. Second, the financial goals must be clear and specific. For example, if you want to buy a car, you need to set a target. How much money is prepared, when to buy it, and other financial management must be positive and reasonable, and prioritize. The next step is to develop an asset allocation plan, just like playing football. The risky assets are the former and responsible for obtaining high returns, such as stocks and private placements. Type assets are, for example, trust products. Although there is no national credit guarantee, each project has its own mortgage and guarantee, and it can also pay the principal and income under normal circumstances. The capital-guaranteed assets are guards. Generally, they are divided into two categories. One type is used as a family reserve fund to deposit demand deposits, and the rest can be considered for banks' open wealth management products, government bonds, time deposits, and money funds. Assurance assets are like goalkeepers. In general, savings insurance and a small amount of physical gold can be allocated. Assets need to be properly matched in these four types to achieve better stability, profitability and liquidity. The detection and adjustment of the final asset plan. The financial plan cannot be fixed. When the financial environment of the market or the investor's own situation changes, the financial plan needs to be adjusted according to the specific situation. It is best to review the family financial plan once every six months, and then make timely adjustments according to the actual situation. By combining your financial goals and risk-reward preferences, you will find the right financial products.


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