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Outdoor sports insurance claims considerations

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The purpose of people buying insurance is to have a sense of security. When it comes to claims after an accident, it will be troublesome to deal with. There are many experienced people who are not clear about the specific circumstances of the claims. Let me introduce you to the following. Claims for outdoor sports insurance claims. Outdoor high-risk sports, ordinary travel insurance does not compensate currently, people who travel with travel agencies will sign mandatory liability insurance and travel accident insurance, which is aimed at the accidents incurred by tourists during the travel process due to improper arrangements of travel agencies, obviously These two types of insurance do not cover the risks posed by visitors participating in high-risk activities. Insiders in the tourism industry believe that the purchase of personal travel accident insurance before departure is one of the ways to minimize the risk of travel. However, most travel insurance classified high-risk tourism projects as exclusions. According to the insurance contract, rock climbing, adventure, skiing, skydiving, diving, hunting, bungee jumping, martial arts competitions, wrestling competitions, fighting, stunt performances, horse racing, racing cars, hot air balloons, etc. are all classified as high-risk sports. In May 2008, eight men and women were unexpectedly caught in a wilderness camp climbing adventure. One of the men accidentally fell to a cliff more than 20 meters high and was killed. Before the expedition, eight tourists each purchased a short-term travel accident insurance, but when the man’s family reported the case to the insurance company, the insurance company’s claim adjuster made a decision to reject the claim. The staff said that in the accident insurance exemption clause they purchased, personal injury or property damage caused by rock climbing was not included. It is worth mentioning that tourism insurance liability does not include high-risk activities, and does not mean that casualties will not be compensated. For example, if an accident caused by a mechanical failure or improper operation of the event organizer, the family of the victim has the right to claim from the tourist attraction. Outdoor sports insurance without special instructions must be paid for outdoor sports accidents. More and more tourists are participating in outdoor sports. In order to meet the needs of the field, some insurance companies also include the responsibility for the payment of high-risk projects, but they must add premiums according to the participating projects on the basis of standard premiums, and there are certain restrictions. That is to say, the travel agency or the tourist needs to clearly agree with the insurance company whether the high-risk campaign is within the scope. If it is clearly within the scope, the insurance company will separately collect the corresponding premium; if it is not clearly agreed, the insurance company will not bear the relevant responsibility. At present, some insurance companies offer self-service insurance and outdoor sports insurance. The insurance liability provided is roughly the same as that of ordinary travel insurance. It is caused by external death, accidental medical care, emergency rescue, flight delay, etc. The difference is that self-driving insurance Outdoor sports insurance will also be extended to non-professional high-risk activities such as skydiving, diving, skiing, rock climbing, and adventure. However, each additional high-risk activity will increase the premium. Such travel insurance is suitable for tourists with specific tourist purposes. Before deciding to explore, visitors must carefully select the insurance products that suit them.


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