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What are the types of financial insurance?

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Financial insurance is a combination of insurance and investment and financial management. At present, there are three main types of field financial insurance: dividend insurance, universal insurance, and investment insurance. Among them, dividend insurance and universal insurance belong to wealth management products, and investment insurance belongs to investment products. First, the dividend type insurance. As the name suggests, dividend-type insurance refers to a new life insurance product that an insurance company allocates its surplus of operating results beyond the pricing assumption to insurance holders in a certain proportion, similar to stock dividends. However, the main function of dividend insurance is still insurance. The dividend mainly comes from the three aspects of death spread, interest spread and fee difference. Of course, if the dividend income matches the actual operating results of the insurance company, it will not be capped, but it may not. Second, investment and insurance. It is a combination of life insurance and investment, and its insurance content must include at least one insurance liability. It divides accounts to invest, some accounts are risky, some accounts may be less risky, and the insured can choose the proportion of funds between accounts according to their risk tolerance. However, the investment risk of investment-linked insurance is entirely borne by the insured. Third, universal insurance. It has similarities with investment-linked insurance, but it has the lowest guaranteed income, and its investment risk is relative to investment-linked insurance. Different financial insurances face different risks and investment returns, and high risks also mean high returns. Among them, dividend insurance is the least risky type of insurance, and the same benefits are also less. Consumers can choose according to their actual needs, but don't forget to buy insurance first to buy protection, not to just care about financial management and forget to protect themselves.


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