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What are the personal finance entry books?

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What are the personal finance entry books? Nowadays, financial management has become a topic of the modern era. Some people don’t know anything about financial management but want to learn financial management. Is there a good book to recommend? Next, Xiaobian will tell you about it. What are the personal finance entry books? What are the personal finance entry books: 1. "Poor Dad, Rich Dad" This is probably the most influential book on financial investment, although the content of this book is for seniors. Too shallow, but this book is undoubtedly the enlightenment teacher on the road to financial freedom for many people. "Father Dad, Poor Dad" is a true story. The author's father, Kiyosaki's biological father and his friend's father have different views on money, which made him interested in knowing money. He finally accepted the advice of his friend's father. That is what the book says. The concept of "rich dad", that is, not to be a slave to money, to let money work for us, and thus become a legendary successful investor. Second, "Puppy Money" Students who are concerned about the long-term investment school must know this book, and the otter has recommended it more than once. This book is about a fairy tale: One day, Gia found an injured hound and brought it home. However, who would have thought that this ordinary four-legged animal is a real financial genius? Gia and the puppy became friends, and learned from it that all the wishes were achievable. From this fairy tale, you can learn some secrets and truths about money, as well as ways to invest and manage money. This story describes the challenges that can be encountered in implementing these methods and illustrates some incredible results. 3. The Millionaire of the Neighbors The author investigated and interviewed many millionaires and tried to find a universal connection between them. They found that millionaires lived below their own lives. They make budgets. Let the children in adulthood make their own budget. This book introduces several key concepts, including wealth accumulation. To some extent, it is boring, at least in the voice version. This is a handful of books that cover both ends of the wealth equation – open source and throttling. 4. "The Enemy of Money" "The Affair of Money" is a humorous text written by Zhou Xian, an investment expert. He tells us about the following "external skills": foreign currency, foreign exchange, currency derivatives, insurance, funds, land, real estate, Real estate derivatives, stocks, warrants, CBBCs, Accumulator, convertible bonds, commodity futures, gold, oil, soft and collectibles, antiques... all investment tools are somewhat deceptive, but we can’t Because of swearing. The affair is also different. We may encounter beautiful women and may also encounter "pig." In the face of all kinds of affair of money, what we have to do is to recognize its essence. Knowing ourselves and knowing each other, although we can't win every battle, we can fight for nothing. V. "The rich are different from what you think." The goal of this book is to help you improve your awareness. Consciousness is the observation of your thoughts and actions so that you can now operate from real choices rather than acting on past procedures. It gives you the power to react from a higher self rather than a fearful, lower self. In this way, you can become the best of yourself and realize your destiny. Sharing wealth! The sign of true wealth is determined by how much you can give up. 17 thinking habits, let you put on the head of a rich man!


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