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How should petty bourgeoisie manage money?

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The central bank cut interest rates five times this year, and the one-year deposit rate is only 1.5%, which makes customers in bank deposits feel anxious. In the era of negative interest rates, how to preserve and increase the value of assets has become a concern of many people who are not good at investing. Financial case Mr. Li, 35, a middle-level cadre of a state-owned enterprise, 8000, his wife works in the hospital, about 5,000, plus their respective year-end awards, Mr. Li and his wife reached 250,000. The family's monthly basic living expenses are about 2,500, dining out, shopping is about 1,500, and the annual tourism and other entertainment consumption is about 10,000. The husband and wife have a 6- daughter, learning piano and English, and need about 2,500 tuition per month. Mr. Li recently sold the original small house and redeemed a large house of 130 square meters. In addition to the offset of the provident fund, he is currently required to repay the loan of 2,000 per month. Mr. Li has a current demand deposit of 50,000 and a time deposit of 300,000. Financial goals 1. My daughter will be able to go abroad to go to university in the future and prepare for her overseas travel within 10 years. 2. Mr. Li and his wife do not have any commercial insurance other than the social security medical insurance on the unit. They want to add certain commercial insurance to their families. Financial Advice Banking Lin Yiyan, the financial manager of Bayi Road Branch, believes that although Mr. Li's family is relatively stable, the source and asset allocation are relatively simple. Overall, the existence of family assets is more conservative. Financial Planning 1. According to the current situation of family assets, it is recommended that Mr. Li consider higher investment and more secure financial management methods, such as national debt and bank wealth management products. Taking wealth management as an example, the current bank deposit interest rate is 0.3%, while the one-year bank wealth management product yield is currently around 4.4%, and the relative demand deposit income can be increased a lot. 2. According to scientific calculations, household reserve funds are generally 3-6 times of the average household expenditure, and it is recommended to reserve 50,000 household reserves. Mr. Li can store 50,000 current deposits in various liquidity funds or low-risk banks for short-term wealth management products. Such as the game of the Bank of China, accumulated over time, income accumulation and other such strong financial products can be bought one day or the same day, the next day or the day to arrive, reasonable risk avoidance, maximize the locking of financial benefits. 3, the daughter's expenses for going abroad, the university's education gold reserve is recommended to prepare from two aspects. On the one hand, from now on, the monthly disposable funds will be allocated 3,000 funds to allocate 2-3 funds to vote, on the other hand, each final prize Mr. Family can control 100,000 yuan, and 20,000 will be used to purchase 5 or 10 years of dividend-based education insurance premiums. After 10 years, it will add a considerable source to her daughter's study abroad. 4. Mr. Li and his family should also purchase commercial insurance, mainly for accidental commercial insurance and the configuration of major illness medical insurance. Follow the “Double Ten Principles”, that is, the insurance coverage is 10 times that of the family, and the premium cannot exceed 10% of the household. Therefore, it is recommended that Mr. Li's family will pay about 20% of the year-end award for about 20,000 yuan, and the total amount of insurance will be controlled within the range of 15,000-20,000.


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