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Banking wealth management product income list on November 23

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On November 23, 2015, there were 8 bank wealth management products with an expected annualized rate of return of more than 6%. The expected rate of return for the current period was 8.9%. Personal financial management significance of college students In terms of wealth management products, the maximum expected is 8.9%. The three guaranteed-income wealth management products have attracted the attention of netizens. Since the launch of the “Golden Treasure” business for individual investors, the speculation has been a hot spot for personal wealth management, which has attracted the attention and favor of investors. Especially in the past two years, international gold prices have continued to rise. It is foreseeable that with the gradual opening up of the gold investment field, the growth potential of future gold demand is huge. Especially after 2004, the price of gold jewelry will gradually change from price and price to price, and the consumption tax of 5% of gold jewelry is also expected to be canceled. These will greatly promote the increase of gold investment, and the gold business It will also become a major highlight in the field of personal wealth management, and truly enter the golden age of investment and financial management. Funds Since the successful launch of the first batch of closed-end funds in 1997, the fund has been highly respected by individual investors. As of 2012, the fund has significantly exceeded deposits, making it a top priority in investment and financial management. According to relevant information, the net value of the fund today is over 200 billion. According to the survey, in 2013, many investors are still very optimistic about the fund's stable income, low risk and other advantages and characteristics, hoping to get the ideal income through the fund's investment. [6] Stocks have been analyzed by experts. The situation of capital supply and demand is relatively optimistic in the future. This is undoubtedly a strong shot for fund-driven stocks. In addition, the CSRC has put forward more stringent requirements on the company's performance calculation and financing amount, and strengthened the regulation of the stocks, which will give investors an opportunity to make profits. But no matter what, the biggest feature of the stock is uncertainty, and opportunities and risks coexist. Therefore, investors should continue to be cautious and invest in the right time. [7] Although the scope of interest tax collection also includes interest on individual stock accounts, the state will continue to implement the policy of temporarily exempting individual income tax on the income from stock transfer. Therefore, after interest taxation, it is also effective to intervene in the stock carefully. Financial management.


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