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Be sure to understand product risks when investing in bank w

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There are many bank wealth management products, and users are picking the eye. Who will pay for the service quality and risk of wealth management products, and the annual bank financial income will be around 5%. For the general first-time financial management users, the deposit of funds in the bank is an insurance financial management method. However, in recent years, many new products have appeared, and the risk of wealth management products is constantly emerging. The tightening of monetary policy and the strict assessment of the capital indicators of commercial banks by the regulatory authorities have forced banks to sell wealth management products in large quantities to cope with the shortage of funds. Under the temptation of interests, many illegal operations have frequently appeared. The risks of bank wealth management products are gradually emerging. There are people who are tempted to be fooled. What kind of interests are they attracted to? Xiaobian believes that investors do not understand financial products, blindly buy, bank wealth management products are a risk-return level between savings deposits and stock investments. Diversified investment and financing tools. Since it is an investment, it needs to bear the corresponding risks, and more needs to be prudent. As an investor in bank wealth management products, before buying a product, you must look at more and more calculations, such as the investment currency of the product, the investment period, the target, the calculation method of the income, the type of income, etc., and whether it can be redeemed in advance. Back, when can redeem, whether to protect the capital, etc., and finally decide whether to buy and purchase the corresponding wealth management products. But in fact, many investors are buying money products under the bank's staff.


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