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Talking about how the moonlight family should do investment

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Buy a savings insurance. Because white-collar workers are not old enough, they take out more than 200 each month, providing themselves with a savings-type major illness insurance with dividends and attaching significant harm. In this way, if it is unfortunately an accident, at least it will not become the burden of the family in the remote mountain town (we are all drifting in the north), and it can also ensure that the Jiangshan, which is hard to work hard, will not be beaten by illness or accident at once. If you are lucky enough to be okay for a lifetime, you can spend it yourself or leave it to future generations when you are old. Keep a running account. Determine your own monthly flow of funds. White-collar workers in the current, and other places are popular to join the account family for online accounting. After two months, do a rigorous review, remove those that are not necessary and do not reduce their standard of living, or choose alternatives. After all, human desires are endless. If you can't let them know what is necessary and what is not necessary, then where does the spare money necessary for financial management come from? Pay money out of your wallet. The requirement I gave myself was that if I was looking for a five-dollar bill when I was shopping or spending, I would assume that the money does not exist, take it out in another pocket, and go home. Put it in a box and put it in. Wait until you reach 100 and bring it to the bank at your convenience. In addition, this bank must not be in your work place or near your home, and you should never do a card. Hey, everyone should be sure how their self-control is? Credit cards can be blown up, not to mention their own money? Recommend a few banks with fewer outlets to do this project for everyone: Industrial Bank, Bank, Bank, CITIC Bank, etc. . In this way, I have already accumulated more shares of petrochemicals in my hands. Cook more in your own home, don't always eat outside. Treat credit cards fairly. Some people think that credit card is the root of all evil, let you become a card slave for the bank; and some people think that credit card is a tool that can make themselves realize their dreams, and take the money spent today as a good fashion. I think both of them are biased. The former believes that credit cards are completely indebted and not worth having; the latter believes that credit cards can allow them to get what they are not currently able to obtain, completely ignoring their future lives, and even some people use credit cards as a means of cash withdrawal, and they are not afraid to withdraw cash. The handling fee and future interest. My approach is: I must swipe my card when I swipe my card, but I won't buy anything unplanned, just buy what I have to buy, and never withdraw it, but also repay it in full, not the minimum repayment. amount. This is some tips for financial management. Maybe there are some things that everyone has already done. Congratulations, I believe that you are already on the right path! What are the shortcomings of the non-rich and the rich? Opportunity - the situation of the hero - Rational and advanced financial management concepts.


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