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How do college students choose the right financial products?

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Nowadays, there are many kinds of wealth management products on the field. There are many kinds of products and the quality is also uneven. How can we buy a wealth management product suitable for ourselves? This article mainly analyzes the current Internet wealth management products, from the Internet wealth management product category, financial management. Product selection factors and Internet financial management concepts are analyzed. I. Internet wealth management product category The first category: wealth management products that integrate payment, income and capital turnover. Typical representatives: Baba (Yuebao), Suning (Calculation) First of all, the biggest feature of this type of product is that investors can carry out real-time operations of consumption, payment and transfer, and there is almost no handling fee. Now the "Yuebao Mode" has been widely copied. Secondly, this type of product promises T+0 redemption, and the advantages of real-time withdrawal directly meet the investor's demand for product liquidity. According to the official introduction of Yubao, the amount of money transferred to the bank card according to the balance is less than or equal to 50,000, and the second natural day is before 24 o'clock; the single is greater than 50,000, within 24 working days after submission. Go to the account before the point. Finally, the essence of the class of Yubao products is the money-based fund products. The income depends on the level of the money field. The annualized income is generally between 4% and 6%, and the balance is just 7%. The high income made the commercial banks very embarrassed, and later the income of the balance treasure gradually returned to the field. The second category: wealth management products that cooperate with well-known Internet companies. Typical representatives: Tencent (WeChat Wealth Management), Baidu (Baidu Financial Plan B) Take Tencent Li Caitong as an example, directly access the first-line brand fund company represented by the fund, and the initial publicity rate on the 7th is 7.394%. On the other hand, the so-called "7-day annualized rate of return" is based on the income of the last 7 days and is converted into an annualized rate of return. If the goods base concentrates on the income on a certain day, the 10,000-yuan income will be abnormally high on the day, and then the 7-day annualized rate of return will be high, so the "7-day annualized rate of return" will be high. . The best practice is that investors look at the daily revenues of the goods while focusing on the daily earnings per 10,000 and the long-term performance stability. The third category: financial products of the P2P platform. Typical representatives: Loan (Priority Banking Plan), Lujin Institute (Stable-An e-Loan), Shan State Capital (Bao), Medical Bank Loan (focus on the medical industry loan platform) This kind of product is the product of direct financial management of the Internet. That is, the funds flow directly to the demand side of the funds through the Internet platform, and the investors enjoy the proceeds of the transfer of funds. Many P2P platforms work with small loans, insurance or guarantee companies to protect the principal and interest of investors. Another way to protect is that the investor enjoys the physical mortgage provided by the borrower. The most common are cars and real estate. It should be pointed out that for the same property collateral, the realisation ability of the house is much higher than that of the office building or factory building. The revenue of regular P2P products is generally between 8% and 15%, and the yield of secured products is up to about 12%. However, if comprehensive consideration is given to security, the latter may be more biased by conservative investors. The fourth category: products promoted by fund companies on their direct sales platforms. Typical representative: Huitianfu Fund (Cash Bao, Full Treasure) The nature of the goods, the wealth of financial products in the Internet financial clothing and the direct marketing of the fund company, there is no difference in the original rate of return. Because the fund products linked to the two are actually the same product, the yield is naturally the same. The only difference is that although the general cargo base also promises to redeem T+0, it must wait until the same day to clear the funds before the funds can be received. According to Galaxy Securities data, as of February 18, the average net growth rate of the money field fund and the money field fund has been 0.7057% and 0.7425% respectively, and the income in less than two months has doubled the current period. The fifth category: the bank itself issues bank-side cash management tools. Typical representative: Bank (Ying), Guangfa Bank (Smart Gold) Bank credit guarantee is the biggest advantage of this type of products. Many investors are more interested in the platform for financial institutions to endorse because of the ability to cash in on time. Such platforms are sold on the basis of products of their own banking system. It is also because of the strong reputation provided by the organization that makes the transfer easier. In fact, commercial banks have begun to change when Internet finance is in full swing. According to the research report issued by the State Securities, a number of banks have begun to upgrade their open-end wealth management products. The annualized revenue of the open T+0 products has increased to about 4.5%. In addition to sales at bank outlets, it can also be accessed through online banking. And mobile banking and other ways to buy. Second, the purchase of wealth management products The above-mentioned Internet wealth management products can only be compared horizontally, not vertical comparison. In the overall asset allocation, there are high liquidity and low profit, as well as high-yield and low-liquidity. This is composed of different products. It is impossible for one product to fulfill all requirements. Therefore, when comparing, it should compare products with similar characteristics, and there is no comparability with the balance treasure to compare with P2P wealth management products. It is a swindler who talks about the benefits without paying attention to the risks. It is fools to look at the benefits without looking at the risks. For the balance treasure products, we value good liquidity, excellent experience and convenient consumer experience. My Alipay setting is automatically transferred to the balance when the balance is greater than 300. The excellent user experience and security of Yu'ebao is very attractive to our college students. According to analysis and statistics, this is the best financial product on the face. However, if you want to have a rich financial structure, you can properly consider high-yield money farm funds. After all, Yu'e Bao's income will be relatively low. For P2P products, we are pursuing relatively high returns, and a certain degree of controllable security, basically abandoning liquidity considerations. If you choose to invest in P2P platform, it is best to choose a well-known platform. Recently, many P2P platforms have run out of money, so everyone should be careful. Third, the Internet financial management concept The Internet allows more people to have access to different financial products, and provides a better experience than the original. As a college student, financial management is a required course. II am a person who likes to experience new things. I have invested in Bitcoin. I also invested in financial management in the early days. My personal change is to actively contact and understand these new products. While paying attention to the experience, we must pay more attention to the real information behind different products. One of the characteristics of Internet products is that the front-end display is minimal, but the middle and back ends are complex. For many users, the financial products that feel complicated are easy to understand after being packaged by the Internet. It is easy to ignore the back of the minimalism. risks of. The convenience of purchasing methods makes impulse investment very common. I recommend the student party here or carry out the wealth management for the wealth management, which is not only simple and easy, but also safe and reliable! No matter how the field develops, the financial products based on it will not change, and the elements of financial products are still Internet wealth management products. The elements of the Internet products should be more closely related to the compliance and security of Internet wealth management products.


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