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Money has abused me thousands of times, and I have to wait for money as my first love. Generally speaking, the standard of white-collar workers in the workplace is between four and five thousand to one thousand to two thousand. With the rise of prices, consumer spending is increasing day by day. To meet the increasingly rich consumer demand, it is more and more important to manage your finances and manage your own money. . Here, Xiao Bian took stock of some of the five pain points that the white-collar workers in the workplace are in the process of financial management, and how to cure them. Let's take a look. Pain point: the income of the hand is gone. Cure: set the take profit point. The threshold of stock trading is low and the income is high. It has become the most choice for white-collar workers in the workplace. It is also the new normal of daily life when working as a stock. However, “stocks are risky, investment needs to be cautious”, and stocks are risky. White-collar workers often encounter situations where “the proceeds are not available”, which makes you feel bad. In the final analysis, it is “greed”. Please set the take profit point before investing. However, for the setting of the take profit point, many people rarely use it. Because the stock is rising, everyone wants to earn more. Once it falls, it will fall. There will be "the proceeds of the hand is gone". Therefore, setting the take profit point can “cure” and maximize your own interests. Pain point: money borrows others to come back to cure: not knowing the roots of the people, should not borrow money "I want to borrow money to give him through this difficult time, who knows that the money is not returned." "Lend money to him to say that one year Give me 20% interest, who knows that people have ran." ... Many white-collar workers in the workplace have also encountered such sad reminders. "Money borrows someone else or not," which is even more uncomfortable than losing money. People who often encounter such things can be summed up in two points. First, there is no precautionary heart. People who are not aware of the roots must not borrow money. Even relatives and girlfriends must write fake clauses and repayment terms to prevent debts. Second, I believe that the beauty of "there is a pie in the sky", the risk behind high investment income must be very large, and may even be illegal financing. Once the investment is lost, it is sure to run the money overnight. Pain point: The project of making money stably has no money to invest in healing: always preparing for investment funds in the golden year of real estate investment in the past few years, some first-tier cities, the house that bought 2.3 million in the previous year, has now become 3.2 million, just a few years It can add nearly 1 million, which is much better than depositing banks. However, it is clear that the value of real estate investment is fast. As long as you choose well, you will be able to make money. However, some white-collar workers in the workplace have no money to invest, and they have lost many investment opportunities. “Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.” Xiao Bian believes that white-collar workers can reserve their money for investment in addition to their daily expenses, but they must not invest in the stock. Part of the funds to stocks, part of the funds to stay behind, look for other investment opportunities, diversify risks, and maximize revenue. Pain point: caught in the nausea cycle of credit card. Cure: Shopping pays directly in cash. Nowadays, credit card use can really make us enjoy the tax reduction when shopping, and the credit card points can also get discounts on consumption. If it is financially unable to reach an independent workplace white-collar abuse credit card, it will be easy to impulsive consumption, into the credit card nausea cycle, into a large amount of special services, it will be very dangerous. Credit card spending, to put it bluntly, is to "dig a trap to let you jump." Banks continue to let those with limited spending power enjoy shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. with credit cards. Unconscious impulse consumption falls into the trap of the merchants, and in order to repay the debt, you can only reduce your own quality of life and save money. Even eating a few weeks of instant noodles, why? So, Xiao Bian suggested that white-collar workers in the workplace use less credit cards, even without credit cards, and use cash directly. Pain point: Where is the money spent? It must be booked. "Where is the money?" This is a common problem for many white-collar workers in the workplace. It is always difficult to save money. Some people work hard. I didn’t have any savings in the year, I couldn’t afford the house and the car, and I couldn’t afford to see my wife. It’s really sad. Such white-collar workers in the workplace want to manage their finances. Xiao Bian believes that they must carefully plan their daily expenses, in addition to meals, transportation expenses, rents, etc., rational consumption, abandon unnecessary expenses in life, and then balance the surplus. Make good use of money, make deposits, buy money funds, government bonds or stocks, etc. to add extra. At the same time, it is necessary to keep accounts, which can help white-collar workers to see their own expenses, and clearly know "what is the money?" Have you ever had five pain points for white-collar financial management in the workplace? If so, quickly remember these "cure" methods and apply them to your actual life.


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