Why do you want to lose money when you buy a bank?

Recently, hundreds of investors have come to the bank to ask for their opinions. It turned out that the products they purchased claimed to have an annualized rate of return of 26% but actually lost 15%.

Banking is a relatively safe investment choice in the eyes of the public. But recently, news of damaged principals has also frequently appeared. Why is this?

Let's take a look at the bank's wealthy products.

Bank concealed product risk level

The wealth management product that caused investors to lose money is called “Xin Fund”. The product's leaflet reads “13% absolute return for half a year”, “low-risk, value-added” and other words. But from the perspective of investors' losses, this product is far from low to medium risk.

Structured financial management? It is a wealth management product that uses a variety of quantitative investment models to combine fixed income items such as deposits, bonds, and credit assets as basic assets, and financial derivatives such as options.

"Xin Fund" in this name reflects the target of the hook - the fund.

General marketers will clearly state before selling structured wealth management products. However, from the description of the investor, the bank financial manager did not fully explain to investors the risk level of the product and the target of the investment. There is an induced behavior and should bear certain responsibilities. The investors themselves do not fully understand the investment target of the purchased products, blindly believe that the financial manager's recommendation, the principal damage and then the rights protection is too late.

Wealth management products bank sales agency

According to the investor description, the bank's financial manager, he recommended the Xin Fund is "the bank's own operations." However, according to the relevant person in charge of the bank, “This is the product of Xin Fund Management Co., Ltd. Xin Fund, not the product of our bank, but the product of our bank.”

Bank-selling wealth management products refer to the investment products of commercial banks that sell sales to customers through channels such as banking outlets or online banking to meet the needs of customers for investment and financial management. That is to say, if the bank does not have any irregularities in the agent sales behavior, then the loss is borne by the issuer or the investor.

Therefore, due to different investment directions, bank wealth management returns vary widely, and investors must remember that the benefits and risks are equal. No one can guarantee that high-yield bank wealth management can recover the principal and interest. Therefore, before buying, you must know in detail whether the product is structural or non-structural, whether it is guaranteed, the investment direction, and whether it is consignment. For the elderly, it is best not to invest a large amount of old-age money in a wealth management product to avoid irreparable damage.