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The amount and scope of compensation for automobile traffic

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【Abstract】 The automobile traffic insurance regulations stipulate that the insured (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) may experience traffic accidents during the use of the insured motor vehicle, causing the victim to suffer personal injury or property damage. The insured shall bear the responsibility according to law. The damages of the automobile... The automobile traffic insurance regulations stipulate that the insured (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) has a traffic accident in the process of using the insured motor vehicle, causing the victim to suffer personal injury or property damage, and the insured shall be in accordance with the law. Indemnity for damages, the insurer shall be responsible for compensation for each accident within the following compensation limits in accordance with the contract of the contract for the payment of strong insurance: 1 The limit of compensation for death and disability is 50000; 2 The limit for medical expenses is 8000; 3 The limit for compensation for property damage is 2000; 4 When the insured has no liability, the limit of no liability for death and disability is 10000; the limit for non-responsible medical expenses is 1600; the limit for non-responsible property damage is 400. 5 The limit of death disability compensation and the limit of no liability for death disability Responsible for the compensation of funeral expenses, death compensation fees, and travel expenses for the relatives of the victims to handle funeral matters Disability compensation, disability aids, nursing expenses, rehabilitation expenses, transportation expenses, dependent living expenses, accommodation expenses, lost time, and the mental damages paid by the insured in accordance with the judgment or mediation of the court. Medical expenses compensation limit and no Responsible medical expenses compensation limit is responsible for compensation for medical expenses, medical treatment fees, hospitalization expenses, hospital food subsidies, necessary and reasonable follow-up treatment fees, plastic surgery fees, nutrition fees. As compulsory insurance, traffic insurance is a must-buy for vehicles. How to make claims is the most concerned issue for the majority of car owners. What is the scope of compensation for car traffic insurance? The scope of compensation for car traffic insurance is more than 20 exemption clauses for commercial three-person insurance, and the exemption for strong insurance is “loss of intentional behavior of victims” ", "Insured's own property losses", "related arbitration and litigation costs" and certain indirect losses caused by accidents, the scope of protection is much greater. Moreover, regardless of whether the insured vehicle has no responsibility in the accident, The insurance is compensated within the limits of liability, and there is no deductible and deductible rate. If you are involved in a road traffic accident involving a third party casualty or property loss, the insured should first contact the 120 emergency number (such as a personal injury), call the 110 traffic police, and call the insurance company's customer service phone to report the case. In conjunction with the insurance company's investigation site, the insurance company may be required to pay or advance the rescue fee according to the situation. The insurance company shall, in writing within one day from the date of receipt of the compensation application, inform in writing of the proof and information related to the compensation provided; Within 5 days from the date of the information, the insurance liability shall be verified and the result shall be notified to the insured. If it is not the insurance liability, the reason shall be stated in writing. If it is the insurance liability, the insured shall be paid compensation insurance. Within 10 days after the agreement, the insurance premium is paid. According to the relevant regulations, the principle of compensation for automobile traffic insurance is that the third party will be compensated for losses. In the process of accidents, the principle of paying the strong insurance and the principle of supplementing the commercial three liability insurance will be implemented. Commercial auto insurance After deducting the amount of compensation for the insurance, calculate the deductible rate based on the proportion of the remaining claims, and finally determine You should claim amount, but the principle of commercial auto insurance claims is the responsibility of the payment, but no responsibility not lose.


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