Grow happy children and two insurance (dividend type)


Seven gold Guanchang, selfless care

Secondary value-added gold account, easy to accumulate

On-demand planning free-spirited, independent flexible

Five times worth of high security, highlighting dignity

Quick return to pressure, happy childhood

Premium exemption humanization , Brand

Product advantage

Pressing gold to receive until 17

Combination of many different stages, skillfully arranged

Gold account monthly compound interest,

to receive a variety of needs, highlighting humanity

Product basic information

Insurer range: 30 days - 16 weeks

Insured area: 20-50 weeks of one of the parents of the insured

Payment method: one payment, five years, delivery to 15 or 18 weeks, the policy is effective on the day before the day

Insurance period: Up to 60 weeks

The insurance coverage of this insurance policy is covered by the basic insured amount and accumulated red The amount of the guarantee is composed of two parts.

Insurance liability:

Basic survival insurance

1. Pressing gold: the hesitation period ends the next day to 17 weeks, each time paying 2% of the initial insurance premium

2. University education gold: 18-21 weeks, 30% of the annual insurance payment amount

3. Marriage gold: 25 weeks, 60% of the amount of insurance paid

4. Pension: 60 weeks, 200% of the insurance amount + End of the bonus

Optional survival insurance

1. High school education gold: 15-17 weeks, 10% of the annual insurance payment amount

2. Advanced gold: 22 weeks, payment 60% of the insurance amount

Liye gold: 30 weeks, 90% of the insurance amount paid

Death insurance

18 weeks ago: the premium paid and the cash value + the accumulated bonus value corresponding to the cash value + the end of the bonus

After 18 weeks: (basic insurance amount + accumulated bonus insurance amount) × 5 times + final dividend

Insurance premium exemption

Insured person 20-60 weeks death or total disability exemption insurance fee

Plan combination

Basic and optional survival insurance The design provides customers with a flexible choice. Through the combination, four combination plans can be formed.

1. Basic Survival Insurance

2. Basic Survival Insurance + High School Education Gold

3. Basic Survival Insurance + Post-finance Gold, Liyejin

4. Basic Survival Insurance + High School Education Gold + Shenzhen Advanced Gold, Liye Gold