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Heavy illness insurance can protect super bacteria

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Heavy illness insurance can protect super bacteria Recently, the hot topic is not only the closing of the World Expo, but also the super bacteria that make people talk about it. The scary thing about superbugs is that antibiotics don't work for them. Patients can cause terrible inflammation due to infection, high fever, convulsions, coma until the last death. There is almost no drug available for this disease. The massive outbreak of superbugs in Brazil has spread to other countries. As of October 28, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has notified three cases of super bacteria. The blessing of the disease for the major illness insurance has become a target of concern for a time. If the bacteria are not available, then only two methods of prevention and after-the-fact protection can be carried out. Self-prevention is nothing more than improving our own immunity. Once you are unfortunate enough, it is also a kind of decompression for your family's economy. So how to choose the critical illness insurance, can we spend the money on the blade? Here we summarize the several principles of purchasing critical illness insurance: Principle 1: The insurance amount can be set at 100,000-200,000. Some people think that if they want to accompany them in the future, the higher the amount of insurance, the better. actually not. Consumers should first have a general understanding of the medical expenses that are currently required after a major illness. According to recent surveys, the cost of treatment for major diseases is as low as 70,000,000, and more than 100,000 or even higher. Therefore, it is more appropriate to purchase 100,000 to 200,000, and the protection function of less than 100,000 is too weak. More than 300,000 are not necessary for the general public. Of course, it is not that the scope of this insurance coverage must be followed by death. The insured needs to adjust according to the actual situation of his family. Principle 2: The scope of protection is not much better. Nowadays, the number of critical illness insurance diseases on the field has increased from several to dozens. Many insurance companies often use this as a selling point to emphasize that their company has a large number of types of critical illness insurance. But in fact, for individuals, the wider the insurance liability, the better. For specific insureds, the incidence of some diseases is almost zero, or some of the traumatic diseases that they originally purchased can be guaranteed, then there is no need to spend money to buy cross-protection projects. Critical illness insurance. Insiders of insurance said that the most important thing when choosing a critical illness insurance is to check whether the common cardiovascular, organ and senile diseases are included in the articles. With these three categories, the insurance of the general policyholders is basically satisfied. demand. Principle 3: Relative to single-year insurance, long-term risks are better. As we all know, the short-term insurance premiums are generally lower than the long-term insurance, so the one-year heavy illness insurance premiums must also be lower than the long-term heavy illness insurance, but in fact, the former does not have much substantive guarantee significance, because generally does not say insurance The chance of getting a serious illness in a year is very low. If the annual renewal is continued, as the rate of critical illness insurance increases with age, it is clear that the insured has invested more. The long-term critical illness insurance is generally based on the rate that you started to insure that year, and pays a balanced balance every year. The younger the age, the lower the premiums that the insured must pay. And there is no need for a medical examination after the insurance. After you are old, once you are seriously ill, you can rely on your own accumulated youth to pay for medical expenses. In addition, at present, many insurance companies' long-term heavy illness insurance is still in this type. If you are still in good health during the insurance period, you can still recover the previously accumulated principal.


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