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How to buy baby medical insurance

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The so-called poor parents in the world, from the beginning of a child's fall, parents began to worry about the child, for the newborn baby, the parents are most concerned about the child's health and safety, so parents will buy insurance for the newborn. For newborn babies, social insurance and commercial insurance should be combined with purchases. In commercial insurance, insurance for babies is covered by medical insurance and accident insurance. Newborn babies can purchase baby medical insurance about one month after birth. Buying baby medical insurance in time can not only reimburse part of the cost of the hospital at birth, but also provide a certain guarantee. How do babies get the most reliable medical insurance? At the time of checkout before discharge, the doctor will remind you that a newborn baby can reimburse part of the hospitalization fee if he or she purchases baby health insurance within 3 months. If it is purchased within 3 months, it cannot be reimbursed. Because according to the national health insurance policy, newborn babies can enjoy the national medical insurance treatment from the day of birth as long as they participate in medical insurance in the first three months. If you are insured after waiting for three months, you can only enjoy medical insurance from the date of enrollment. In general, it takes about 200 to buy a full-born medical insurance. When the baby is discharged from the hospital, he can reimburse some of the non-self-paying drugs. Followed by hospitalization, everyone seems to be familiar with it, but it is also necessary to distinguish the responsibility, because some companies are designated hospitals, such as designated several top three hospitals in the province. Some parents did not know, and then, when signing the contract, some staff members did not explain clearly, so they made the people feel that insurance is a lie. Therefore, remind parents that they must understand the specific insurance responsibilities, and signing is a very important baby's critical illness insurance. It is a kind of insurance that can be considered. Because babies are born, the premiums are relatively cheap, and at the same time, because the body is not The risk of not being able to buy well, to prepare a small amount of life-long illness for the baby in advance, lays the foundation for the future protection of the baby. In the purchase of medical insurance for babies, we must pay attention to those diseases that children should develop. Do not think that the insurance contains more diseases as possible. In fact, some diseases are almost impossible for babies. They are only suitable for adults. There is a possibility of wasting insurance. Insurance experts recommend that you choose a child's insurance for your baby. It is recommended to improve the baby's medical insurance first, and then consider buying a commercial insurance supplement for the baby. The plan should take into account the child's accidents, medical insurance, and then consider planning for major illness insurance, and finally consider planning the child's education reserve. When purchasing child insurance for your child, it is best to choose a type of insurance with an exemption clause. That is, if the insured person dies or is completely disabled, all future premiums of the baby will be waived and the policy will continue to be valid. How to buy baby health insurance is most reliable according to your family situation. If you have the ability, you can buy some insurance for your child as much as possible, but the happy insurance experts recommend that a family spends insurance on the total family. About 15% is enough, so that it will not bring any burden, but also get enough protection.


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