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There are many types of personal accident insurance. We can choose the most suitable product according to the actual situation of the insured, so that we can effectively protect our personal health, but at the same time, we must take into account other accident insurance. Insurance products that are closely related to accident insurance can make the protection more comprehensive. The classification of personal accident insurance is responsible for the accidental death and accidental disability. From different angles, there will be different classifications. Generally speaking, it can be divided into personal accident insurance and group accidental injuries. Insurance and special personal accident insurance, etc. Regardless of the division, the accident insurance standard is for the accident caused by the accident to the insured. This insurance protects the human body, and the insurance company will be insured according to the insured’s insurance coverage and the accident. In the case of injury, a certain amount of fees are paid, but the treatment of accidental injuries is not covered by accident insurance. Therefore, in order to have more comprehensive protection, it is also necessary to attach insurance products such as accidental medical insurance when purchasing accident insurance. Accident medical insurance accident medical insurance is one of the products that must be considered. Accidental medical insurance is a measure of the cost of treatment for an insured person who has suffered an accidental injury. If the insured suffers accidental injury and purchases accidental medical insurance, in addition to the compensation for accidental injury insurance, the insurance company will also pay according to the terms of the accidental medical insurance when the treatment is paid. . Under normal circumstances, accidental medical insurance exists as an additional form of insurance for accident insurance. Accidental Subsidy Insurance Accidental Subsidy Insurance is an additional insurance. It is a supplement to accidental medical insurance. It provides insurance for certain subsidies based on the number of days of accidental hospitalization. That is to say, if the insured is hospitalized for accidental injury, and the accidental medical insurance is insured, and there is an accidental subsidy insurance, then during the hospitalization, a certain amount of hospitalization subsidy can be obtained every day, according to the accident subsidy. The terms of the insurance clause. Accidental subsidy insurance can compensate for the loss of the insured during hospitalization to a certain extent. If you want to attach accidental medical insurance when purchasing accident insurance, you may wish to enter the accidental subsidy insurance nearby.


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