How young people use insurance

Why do most young people who have worked for several years have no savings? Because long-term savings is a very difficult thing, few people can insist on implementing a pre-established savings management plan, 20 or 30 years without interruption. At this time, the advantages of insurance financial planning are reflected. It helps young people resist temptation and force savings. At present, there are many products in the insurance market that can balance health insurance and investment and financial management. It is a good choice for young people without “capital”.

How do young people use insurance to manage their finances?

For young people, it seems that security and financial management are very far away from us. Many people live a life without wealth. Most of the young people who have just entered the workplace are not paid very well. To eat, to pay rent, to make friends, entertainment, and ultimately, spend money. Money is inherently pitiful, and if you don't know how to manage your finances, many young people themselves have become "moonlight" or even "old people."

Listening to the insurance experts how to say:

Young people should work hard during the start-up period, have their own career, but also honor their parents and repay their parents' support. It is also the best starting point for financial planning. What kind of insurance to buy depends on your financial situation and choose the type of insurance. Starting from life insurance and accident insurance, it is followed by additional risks such as serious illness and hospitalization. You can buy consumer insurance for a few hundred years of payment. You can buy a savings return type with a few hundred suggestions per month. It is also possible to combine insurance and savings-type insurance. Specifically, it is necessary to discuss with the salesperson to make an insurance portfolio that suits you. The more comprehensive the protection function, the better.

Insurance financial planning should vary from person to person and from person to person. For the characteristics of young people, the following insurance financial planning should be done:

I. Premium and insurance plan

According to the internationally accepted practice, insurance should follow “double” Ten rules, that is, premiums are 10% of the year, and the amount of insurance is 10 times of the year. For example, if a person's year is 30,000, then the reasonable insurance premium should be around 3,000, and the insurance amount is about 300,000. Because if the premiums are too high, it will affect the realization of the existing daily life and the goals of childbearing and housing purchase. If the premium is too low, the amount of insurance will be low and the guarantee will not be sufficient to achieve the protection. . Most of the youths are independent. It is reasonable to take out about 10% of the participating insurance plans every month. It will not lower the existing living standards, but also give them a good guarantee.

Second, insurance planning According to the general rules of insurance, "" young people should focus on life insurance, accident insurance, medical disease insurance in the choice of insurance insurance, and in the product type, try to choose pure protection products, higher Some savings and investment insurance can be selected if conditions permit.

1. Term life insurance and accidental injury insurance

First of all, most of the young people do not have family economic pressure, but due to the expansion of the university and other aspects, the employment pressure is greater, the occupation is not very stable, and there is not enough deposit, at the same time, they Most of them are relatively active, well-off, and risky, so they are relatively likely to be harmed. If accidental disability occurs, they may not be able to maintain their current living standards or be unable to help themselves. Second, people of this age group Most of them are only children. They must consider that their parents are getting older. Once they have an accident, parents should take good care of themselves or have enough financial resources to cope with life. Third, if they are married or have children, then stress and Responsibility is even greater, and it must be taken into account how the wife and children should cope with the stress of life if they are unpredictable.

Therefore, in these senses, the possibility of accidental injury to this group and the impact and consequences of accidents are relatively large, so a term life insurance or accidental injury insurance is very necessary for them. At the same time, since the term life insurance and accidental injury insurance are purely guaranteed, the premium is relatively low, and it can achieve the purpose of spending less money to achieve a stronger insurance effect.

2. Health and Medical Insurance In recent years, due to the increasingly serious environmental pollution and other reasons, people are more and more likely to get sick, and insurance is one of the effective means to prevent and reduce this risk. For young people, because they have just joined the work and their savings are not high, medical insurance can choose hospitalization insurance or major illness insurance. Inpatient medical insurance mainly includes hospitalization expenses and hospitalization subsidies. The main protection content of hospitalization expenses is to reimburse the insured's inpatient medical expenses according to the insurance contract. The hospitalization subsidy type is mainly based on the contract and is given to the insured. Daily hospitalization allowance, etc. Major illness insurance is a payment type. Once a major illness occurs, the insurance company will pay the insurance amount according to the insurance contract, and the insured can obtain insurance compensation first to pay a huge amount of medical expenses.

3. Endowment Insurance Nowadays, many people, including some young people, pay more attention to how much money they can earn now, but rarely consider the pension they may bring because they "live too long." crisis. Based on the characteristics of the basic pension system and other factors, it is necessary for young people to do a good job of providing endowment insurance. At present, the pension replacement rate is one of the criteria for measuring the difference in the level of protection before and after retirement. At present, the pension replacement rate of many people is between 80% and 90%, although it is a little less than before retirement, but after retirement. Basically, we can still maintain the standard of living before retirement, but for young people, the future pension replacement rate may drop to about 40%, which means that the pensions received after retirement may not reach the time of employment. workHalf of the capital. So although the staff is still very young, pension is also a problem that should be considered for this group of people.

At the same time, from the principle of insurance, the sooner the insurance is insured, the less the payment will be and the lighter the burden. Therefore, for young people, if you have free savings in addition to other expenses every month, you can consider investing in an old-age insurance. Of course, in addition to special pension insurance, you can also use dividend insurance, universal insurance and investment insurance. Instead, maybe you only need to invest a small amount of money each month, but after a long time, or when you retire to 60, you can accumulate a lot of money. At that time, you can raise it for one-time use, or you can Turning into an annuity, thereby increasing your pension replacement rate, so that the standard of living after retirement will not be lower than before retirement.

4. Combined insurance or make full use of the additional insurance function

In addition to the above insurance according to their actual situation, you can also apply for combined insurance, or add other insurance after the main insurance.

For young people, maybe you just walked out of the university, maybe you just got married, maybe you are higher or lower, maybe you are healthy or weak, no matter what, it is very important to do insurance, because insurance not only It’s just a financial product. It represents a kind of responsibility. With enough insurance, you will have the responsibility for yourself, your parents, your wife and children, and your society. You have enough insurance and you can In the big stage of the society, you can enjoy yourself and realize your own value to a greater extent.