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With the advent of the cold wave, the temperature in winter has suddenly dropped, causing inconvenience to people's daily lives. For example, in most parts of the north, heavy snowfall caused many flights and train delays. Then, under the cold weather, what insurance can provide protection to help consumers reduce losses and resist “risks”? The choice of family wealth insurance is stressful. The winter weather is cold. Many families are equipped with indoor heating devices. There is a possibility of damage to the pipeline due to pressure under the temperature difference between inside and outside. At the same time, in some households with solar water heaters installed, pipes installed outdoors may also burst due to severe cold. For the above losses, insurance experts recommend that consumers purchase family property insurance, and at the same time add the plumbing pipe burst damage insurance to protect. In addition, some insurance companies can also burst due to outdoor water pipes, plumbing pipes of upstairs residents and neighbors, causing consumers to suffer from flooding. At the same time, in the general property insurance, there are provisions for snowstorm and ice insurance. The insurance liability of family property comprehensive insurance is clear. When natural disasters such as heavy rain, flood, snowstorm, etc. occur, the insurance company will pay for it, and the scope will consist of housing, auxiliary equipment, interior decoration and indoor property. The insured can be free. Choose to insure. Insurance experts warn that since the insurance company's product terms are different, the insured must make a good purchase before making a purchase. For example, only ordinary property insurance is used. When an accident occurs in a house that collapses snow, the insurance company does not pay compensation; if only part of the comprehensive insurance for family property is invested, the insurance company will not pay for the damage of another part. Auto insurance is “multi-pronged” In cold weather, once there is rain and snow, the road surface is slippery, and traffic accidents are easy to occur, resulting in vehicle loss and casualties. At this point, vehicle loss insurance is required to “have a car” to protect against risks. At present, many car owners usually only pay for strong insurance in order to save on premiums. Because of the 2000 limit on compensation for property damage in the system of cross-insurance, the part of the compensation that exceeds 2000 can only be borne by the owner. Therefore, in many cases, the amount of compensation for the insurance is insufficient. Insurance experts said that most of the auto insurance claims are late-fighting accidents, mostly unilateral. The traffic insurance is the third party liability insurance for motor vehicles. During the insurance period, this insurance will be liable for damages caused by personal injury or direct damage to the third party. However, if the vehicle or the person on the vehicle is damaged due to slipping on the road, the vehicle can only be paid for by the loss of insurance, and the casualties should be paid by the motor vehicle personnel liability insurance. Therefore, insurance experts suggest that car owners should insure vehicle loss insurance and vehicle personnel liability insurance in addition to insurance. At the same time, in the main insurance, car damage insurance and third-party liability insurance are two essential types of insurance for snow days. Additional insurance, excluding loss-insurance insurance, can pass on part of the liability that should be responsible for itself to the insurance company. Therefore, the owner of the vehicle should be insured separately for the car damage insurance and the third party liability insurance. Another thing that the owner needs to pay attention to is that some situations are not included in the scope of compensation. For example, because the wiper of a snowy vehicle has been frozen, the owner of the vehicle is forced to start and the generator is burned; the hood is crushed by snow, causing damage to the glass, but the owner does not insure the glass alone. On the 23rd of November, due to the snowfall on Sunday, due to the continuous snowfall on Sunday, the large-scale flight delay of the Capital Airport, from 8:00 to 12:00, the Capital Airport received only 10 incoming flights per hour for two consecutive days. Passenger detention. According to reports, on November 22, the Capital Airport canceled more than 300 flights. If calculated by 100 passengers per flight, there will be 30,000 passengers delayed by the snow. For passengers who cannot travel on the road due to rain and snow, getting compensation through the purchase of delay insurance may be the best way to maintain a good attitude. At present, the insurance channel for flight delay insurance is very convenient. In addition to being able to purchase on some airline websites when booking, it can also be purchased on the insurance company's official website and some travel network platforms. At the same time, many business credit card customers who are often on a business trip have also launched insurance, credit card or become a credit card customer of a certain level, and they can get insurance gift service, including flight delay insurance. Insurance experts said that the probability of buying a flight delay first depends on the probability of late payment. Generally, the probability of late flight delay is relatively small, and the flight after 14 o'clock is likely to be late, and the probability of winning the delay is relatively large. Large airports are also prone to delays than small airports. Secondly, no matter which insurance company's delay insurance is purchased, it is necessary to clearly see the payment terms and the time of insurance. The compensation conditions of each family will be different. It is best to purchase the flight insurance that will be paid for any reason. In the payment link, most insurance companies are able to make a claim for a simple and fast claim, and only the insured can provide a boarding pass to be compensated. However, insurance companies generally also stipulate that if the bad weather causes the entire airport to be closed, it is an exclusion.


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