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Newborn Baby Accident Protection: Le Growth Child Accident I

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Customer Information: Mr. Chen, 27, monthly average 4000, annual premium: 359 The baby was born, Mr. Chen is very happy, but how can we ensure that the baby grows healthily and happily? Mr. Chen chose Life's Happy Growth Children's Growth Plan to prepare a comprehensive guarantee for the baby. First, accidental medical reimbursement: hospitalization or outpatient expenses due to accidents 5000 / times, 100% reimbursement, unlimited times. Second, accidental burns, disability: pay 50,000 (paying 10%-100%). After 5 years, the guarantee will be increased to 65,000 by the company. Third, accidental death: pay 50,000, 5 years later, the guarantee will be increased to 65,000 by the company. Fourth, major disability every guarantee: 1000 / month, up to 20 years. 5. Insured accident insurance: If the insured is unfortunately killed or disabled due to accident, the company will provide up to 50,000 insurance funds as an education growth fund for the insured child, and the insurance contract and all additional contracts will be automatically renewed. Guaranteed to be insured for 23 weeks. 6. Gift: (1) 3000 pension. (2) Renewal Award: Increase the renewal bonus of 6% to 130% per year.


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