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Product Name: Preferred Investment Connection Insurance

Issued by: Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Insurance Type: Investment Link Insurance

Suitable for age: 18 weeks or more (including 18 weeks) can be purchased (if the insured and the insured) Is the same person, age can not exceed 60 weeks)

Payment method: see specific terms

Guarantee period: see specific terms

Product: exemption from initial cost, value-added personal finance

* Initial cost is zero, more premiums enter the investment account. Professional financial experts help you manage your assets and let you enjoy peace of mind.

A wide range of accounts, flexible control of investment

Based on the characteristics of investment account risk and return characteristics, the investment account is subdivided, further expanding the space available for operation, can meet your different risk tolerance and income expectations. At the same time, it has a more flexible function of automatic transfer of assets between accounts (DCA), and a shorter time to apply for asset transfer between investment accounts (interval should be no less than 3 working days), which makes it easier for you to control your investment.

Long-term wealth management, taking into account comprehensive protection

You can choose the additional insurance products that we offer you with different functions, and create a comprehensive and comprehensive guarantee for yourself while increasing your wealth.

*Note: [Preferred choice] There is a bid price and a selling price for the investment unit, and the difference between the buy and sell price is 2%.

[Preferred choice] The first investment is premium. After the insurance contract comes into effect, you can pay additional insurance premiums in two different ways to increase the investment:

1) Irregular insurance premiums: the amount of each payment cannot be less than 20,000 coins;

2) Regular additional insurance premiums : You can choose to add insurance premiums on a monthly or annual basis:

Insurance liability:

[Preferred choice] What is the initial cost and asset management fee?

[Preferred choice] The initial fee is waived.

The ratio of annual asset management fees for aggressive investment accounts, growth investment accounts, balanced investment accounts, value-added investment accounts, and stable investment accounts is 2%.

[Preferred choice] The policy management fee is 10 / month.

[Preferred choice] There is a bid price and a selling price for the investment unit, and the difference between the buying and selling price is 2%.

Remarks: For the initial premium of 10,000 coins, the insurance period is 20 years, assuming an annual rate of return of 5%, in the case of exemption from the initial fee and 5% initial fee (both 2% bid-ask spread) account equity The difference. The line clearly shows that the difference in the net value of the account increases with the increase of the number of years of insured, the initial fee exemption and the initial fee of 5%.

How to withdraw funds?

Free withdrawal of part of the funds after the insurance contract takes effect. The remaining investment account value after partial withdrawal cannot be less than 25,000. In the first five policy years after the insurance contract takes effect, you will have a free partial withdrawal of the value of the investment account for each policy year, but the maximum percentage of the withdrawal is 10% of the value of your investment account; if it exceeds 10%, you need Pay the corresponding part of the handling fee according to a certain percentage of the excess (as shown in the table below). From the sixth year onwards, part of the withdrawal fee will be waived.