First calculate the appropriate amount and then buy the pens

How much should I invest in insurance? It is recommended to use 5% to 15% of the family (individual) year, not too much. Specific to the type of insurance to buy, according to the order of protection from strong to weak. First of all, we must consider providing a pure insurance type of insurance, and then consider the financial planning of children's education, savings, pensions, etc. For purely protected types of insurance, accidental and accidental medical insurance coverage can meet the most basic needs of the general family to prevent accidental risks. Such insurance does not require too much expense; on this basis, it can increase term life insurance, life insurance, major illnesses and hospitalization. Insurance products, in order to prevent accidents, the family (individual) financial situation will not be significantly affected.

When purchasing insurance, the average family (individual) also needs to conduct an overall objective assessment of the risk, financial, health and other conditions of the protected members, preferably under the guidance of professional staff of the insurance company. "Don't underestimate this assessment, it can get the maximum protection at the least cost."

What should you pay attention to when buying pension insurance?

The comprehensive endowment insurance is easy to make people confused. Endowment insurance is a long-term plan. From the payment of the insured to the annuity, it will be affected by many factors, such as age and living standard. Therefore, we must first estimate the future trend and future pension expenses based on factors such as age, current, inflation, etc., and then combine the ability to pay and pension, and if there is no social security, enterprise annuity, property, etc., find out the endowment insurance. The gap can finally be used to estimate the appropriate amount of pension insurance. General insurance companies have specialized rough calculation tools for aged products.