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Critical illness insurance misunderstanding

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Serious illness insurance misunderstanding As the responsibility of the body is increasing, various pressures are getting bigger and bigger, many people began to regard insurance as the most powerful umbrella for the family. Among the complex insurance products, critical illness insurance is the first choice in a family protection plan. From August 1st, the new version of the company's new critical illness insurance officially grabbed the booth. While launching a wave of sales boom, the reporter found that there are still many consumers who have misunderstandings when they are insured. There is no need to insure commercial severe illness insurance for public medical care. Case: Mr. Yang is a civil servant of a government department this year. In addition to five or six thousand per month, there are also social maintenance and public medical care. Mr. Yang's wife, 27, works in a large enterprise and has a complete four insurance and one gold. Mr. Yang has always believed that he has public medical care, his wife has social medical insurance, and although he has sufficient financial resources, he has never thought about insuring major illness insurance. Analysis: Many people in enterprises and institutions think that their welfare protection is comprehensive, so the willingness to purchase insurance is very low. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Life professional lecturer Chen told reporters that in order to provide more comprehensive protection for themselves and their families, civil servants should at least prepare for the three major aspects of major diseases, old-age care, and children's education fund reserves on the basis of basic welfare of the unit. It is understood that once sick, the province's social medical insurance can be reimbursed between 55% and 70%. At present, the civil servants in our province are still implementing the public medical system, that is, once sick, the unit can reimburse 80%-90 of medical expenses. %, when you accidentally die, you will get a pension of around 100,000. Chen believes that whether it is social medical insurance or public medical care, it is acceptable to deal with general minor illnesses, but there is a big gap in dealing with major diseases. He told reporters that there are many restrictions on social medical insurance and public medical care. At present, the use of imported drugs and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases is very common, as well as nutritional health products, etc., which cannot be reimbursed. According to estimates, the total amount of major diseases is down, and general social security or public funds can only be reimbursed 40% to 50%. According to industry insiders, commercial insurance is a supplementary guarantee for national social security, and there is no mutual substitution between the two. At present, the insurance payment provisions stipulate that once a major illness is diagnosed, the insurance company should pay unconditionally according to the insured amount, without the insured providing invoices and other vouchers. This provision is conducive to the public service group enjoying public medical care. Taking Mr. Yang’s two-person world as an example, you can consider the insurance policy of a policy-guaranteed family. The warmth that Life has launched recently is such a protection plan. Its insurance liability covers not only 30 major diseases, deaths and The disability guarantee, at the same time, the insured will receive a medical examination allowance every two years, 70 can receive the gift money, 99 can receive the maturity of the gold; in addition, the insured’s family members are provided with an additional spouse Risk, tailored for women. The above protection plan can obtain higher and more comprehensive protection with lower premiums. For families with more members and want to get comprehensive protection through less expenditure, the family can guarantee an accident insurance plan. For example, the family life insurance is a one-year short-term insurance, which can make every family member have comprehensive protection for accidents, disability and hospitalization. If the insured person is accidentally disabled or died, he will be entitled to disability or death insurance; If the insured person pays for the medical expenses that can be reimbursed according to the regulations of the local social medical insurance department due to accidents at the hospitals above the level, after deducting 100 deductibles, within 80% of the per capita medical insurance amount Medical insurance.


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