What are the conditions for applying for a CCB loan to buy a

What are the application conditions for CCB loan purchase? If you are applying for a loan to buy a car from CCB, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

CCB loan to buy a car introduction

1. Bank provides 12 (one year), 24 (two years) Car installment payment service.

2. The range of car purchases is 20,000-200,000. The bank will decide whether the approval is approved and the approved amount is approved based on the cardholder's credit history and consumption behavior.

3. The minimum down payment ratio is 30% of the net car price, and the down payment must be paid by cash or debit card.

4. Cardholder's handling fee = installment amount × cardholder's handling fee rate (the handling fee is charged to the first month's bill after the purchase of the installment).

5. The cardholder needs to insure the full-vehicle burglary and vehicle loss insurance of the motor vehicle in the installment of the Longka car purchase. The insurance period is the same as the installment period. The first beneficiary of the insurance is the owner himself.

CCB loan purchase application conditions

(1) Citizens who have full civil capacity to have a permanent residence within 18 weeks of age;

(2) Have a stable occupation and economy, can guarantee the repayment of principal and interest on time;

(3) Open a savings deposit account in the loan bank and deposit the first installment of the purchase price not less than the prescribed amount;

(4) Can provide the loan bank approved guarantee measures for the purchase loan;

(5) Willing to accept other provisions of the loan bank condition.

Legal person

(1) has the ability to repay the loan;

(2) can provide the loan bank approved guarantee measures for the car loan;

(3) open a settlement account in the loan bank, and deposit the car first not less than the prescribed amount Period;

(4) Willing to accept other conditions stipulated by the loan bank.