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【Abstract】A lot of car owners who just bought a new car will have an insurance for the car. Which car insurance is better? Private car insurance may be worth considering. What are the types of insurance for private car insurance? What is the protection content of private car insurance? Let's take a look at it below. Private car insurance: vehicle loss insurance In motor vehicle insurance, vehicle loss insurance and third party liability insurance constitute its main insurance type, and with the cooperation of several additional risks, jointly provide insurance customers with various aspects of dangerous security services. The subject matter of the vehicle loss insurance is the body of various motor vehicles, their parts and equipment, and the like. When an insurance vehicle is subjected to natural disasters or accidents within the scope of insurance liability, resulting in the loss of the insurance vehicle itself, the insurer shall compensate according to the provisions of the insurance contract. Insurance liability for vehicle loss insurance, including collision liability, overturning liability and non-collision liability, where collision refers to accidental contact between the insured vehicle and external objects, such as vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and buildings, vehicles and utility poles or trees, vehicles Collision with pedestrians, vehicles and animals is among the scope of collision responsibility; overturning responsibility means that the insurance vehicle is overturned due to natural disasters or accidents, and the vehicle body touches the ground, causing it to lose its normal state and driving ability. Can not resume driving after being rescued. It should be pointed out that the insurance liability of motor vehicle insurance is stipulated by the insurance contract, and it is not static. For example, the mainland has classified theft as a basic responsibility in the past, but later listed it as an additional liability, that is, if the insured does not add It is impossible to guarantee the danger. Private car insurance: third party liability insurance motor vehicle third party liability insurance is the risk of third party damage claims caused by accidents when the insured or its qualified qualified driver uses the insured vehicle. An insurance. Since the main purpose of third-party liability insurance is to safeguard the safety and interests of the public, it is usually practiced as statutory insurance and enforced in practice. The insurance liability of motor vehicle third-party liability insurance is that the insured or the qualified driver who is allowed to use the insured vehicle in the process of using the insured vehicle, causing the third person’s personal or property to be directly damaged The amount of compensation that should be paid. In the verification of the liability of this insurance, two points should be noted: 1. Direct damage, in fact, refers to on-site property damage and personal injury, and various indirect losses are not within the scope of the insurer. 2. The amount of compensation that the insured should pay according to law, the insurer shall compensate according to the provisions of the insurance contract. These two concepts are different, that is, the insured's compensation amount does not necessarily equal the insurer's compensation amount, because the insurer's compensation must be deducted from the exclusion or non-guaranteed loss. For example, the property owned or managed by the insured, the insured of the private vehicle and its family members, and the property owned or managed by them, the driver of the vehicle and all personnel and property on the vehicle in a traffic accident The loss is not included in the compensation for the third party liability insurance; the insured's intentional act, the driver's drink or the absence of a valid driver's license to drive the third party liability loss, the insurer is not responsible for compensation. Private car insurance: additional insurance The additional insurance for motor vehicles is an important part of motor vehicle insurance. From the current motor vehicle insurance clauses, there are mainly additional theft insurance, additional spontaneous combustion loss insurance, additional wading loss insurance, additional new equipment loss insurance, additional non-deductible special insurance, additional driver accident insurance, additional designation. Specialized insurance, etc., insurance customers can choose to protect according to their needs. Private car insurance: Theft and burglary insurance is responsible for compensating the total loss of the vehicle caused by theft, looting, and robbing of the insurance vehicle, and the loss caused by the damage of the vehicle or the loss of parts and accessories on the vehicle during the period, but it cannot be deliberately damaged. . Private car insurance: Everyone in the car knows that it is the accidental injury and death of the person in the car. Death cannot be said. The effect of 20,000 is not much, mainly accidental injury, which is the medical expenses after the injury. Feel free to protect, keep a few can do, now it is not good, or only protect the driver, or full insurance, the price is very cheap, the driver to protect 20000, less than 80 dollars. Private car insurance: scratch insurance Scratch risk is the vehicle scratch risk. It is one of the additional risks, mainly as a supplement to the car damage insurance, and can provide effective protection for the body scratch caused by the accident. Scratch risk is aimed at the scratch of the body paint surface. If the collision trace is obvious, a hole is drawn, and there is a big pit, this is not a scratch, and belongs to the claim area of ​​the car damage insurance. Private car insurance: glass alone breaks the risk of glass alone, that is, the insurance company is responsible for compensating for the insurance of the insured car insurance. In the course of use, the vehicle itself has a commercial insurance for the loss of glass broken. The owner must pay attention to the word "individual", which means that the insured vehicle can only compensate if the windshield and window glass (excluding the lamp and mirror glass) are damaged. If the owner wants to know how much the glass is broken, you can use the following auto insurance calculator to calculate the price. You can also use this opportunity to compare which insurance company's auto insurance price is more affordable, which will help the owner choose the best for himself. The insurance company is insured. Private car insurance: self-ignition insurance Self-ignition insurance, that is, "vehicle spontaneous combustion loss insurance", is an additional risk of car damage insurance, and can only be insured after the insurance of car damage insurance. During the insurance period, during the use of the insurance vehicle, the vehicle, the circuit, the oil circuit, the fuel supply system, the cargo itself, the fire caused by the friction of the motor vehicle, the fire caused by the fire, the loss of the insurance vehicle, and the insured’s In the event of such an insured event, the insurance company will compensate accordingly for the reasonable rescue expenses that must be paid to reduce the loss of the insurance vehicle. Insurance Network Tips: There are many types of private car insurance types. You can choose to purchase them according to your specific situation. To find out more about private car insurance, you can log in to the insurance company's official website or callInsurance customer service phone 95518.


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